Thursday, November 19, 2015

Love Your Rear End - You Can!

I'm not much of a Kim, Cait, or JL fan, so the whole big booty craze, and big body love in the media, just looks like girls who are trying very very hard to like themselves, even though they may not. I have had issues with my body that definitely stemmed from outside pressure to look like a model.  I'm slender, but I've got curves.  Sometimes those curves are more voluminous than other times.

Today I looked in the mirror and really liked what I saw - all the way around.  My butt even looked good in the grey GAP leggings I put on.  Some of you might be thinking - "so what?" but I assure you this feels like a wonderful change.  I've liked my body a lot more as I've gotten older.  My consistent whole foods diet keeps me slender (I'm proof you can look better after 40 than you might have in your twenties), I get to eat as much as I want, it's delicious, and I feel great. What's not to like?  My rear end - it has always been a bit big for the rest of me.  Today I felt like it looks great.  That's with only one yoga class a week, and a lot of NYC walking. 

Many people have those little flaws they ignore, but bother them a bit.  Watching them vanish is wonderful.  It feels freeing and even exciting.  What changed was really letting my daily cookie habit go.  I was eating a big cookie every night for months and then got tired of it.  I let it go.  I'm enjoying more fruit instead.  It's a tiny switch - but it just resulted in feeling really really good.

What is one small switch you can make with what you eat?  If you need help, or want to make some big changes - let us know.  We love helping you create the life you love living.

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