Monday, November 23, 2015

Last Day To Win One of these books... Go now and fill out this quick survey - you can enter your email at the end to win one of the books pictures above. 

I'm getting excited to pull three random email addresses from the submission pile.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to let me know what you struggle with or find easy, so that I can create new tools.  Hopefully, by this time next year I will have a product that will solve most of your frustrations.  Just for answering this survey, I will take 20% off any full price coaching session you purchase between now and New Years.  That's follow up sessions or an initial session.  Take 20% off AND a chance to win a free book - just by filling out this quick survey.

If you want:
                     More Energy
                     Clear Skin
                     Easy Weight Loss
                     Balanced Hormones
                     Pain Relief (including migraines)
                     Satisfying Sleep

Coaching sessions can absolutely work for you.  If you have questions about coaching, please ask.
Now go fill out the survey and if you want to take advantage of that 20% off - email us to get the code.  Looking forward to talking with you and giving you solutions you can use right NOW!

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