Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Keep Answering The Survey For Your Chance to Win - Here are some thoughts on your answers....

I'm reading the answers you guys are typing into the survey - remember - respond by November 23rd to be entered into the contest for a free paperback cookbook.

For those of you who want to lose weight and are worried about grains converting to sugar - let's be clear about this.  Your brain needs glucose to function so you want high quality sugars like whole grains.  Whole means whole.  It doesn't mean bread or pasta or cookies.  Those are grain products.  They are certainly better than eating spoonfuls of molasses, but they will convert much quicker and raise your insulin levels.  When insulin levels are kept low, you naturally stay slim.  When insulin levels continually spike - you will gain inches - hello bellyfat...

Whole grains keep you slender because they convert to sugar much much slower and steadier than other types of carbs.  Plus they bond to toxins and help eliminate them.

When I work with clients I asses their body type, conditions, exercise, etc. to adjust the amounts of whole grains eaten.  Long lean bodies - or Vata types will easily eat more whole grains than Kapha types.  Healthy eating can work for everyone but not everyone needs the same amounts or specifics.  If I want to help someone gain weight I would suggest they eat more amaranth and oats for example.  Those can help someone bulk up far better than quinoa or brown rice.  I always give you my reasoning for the suggestions, because I want you to understand and be empowered to make choices for yourself that make sense.  A new mom might want to eat brown rice mochi and sweet brown rice daily for the extra energy.  While I would end up looking a little rounder if I did that.

For those of you who are worried about blood pressure - I come from a family of high blood pressure.  Eating a diet full of whole grains helps keep blood pressure lower.  (I have normal BP but it is at the lowest of normal...) My mom's doctor even suggested that she eat more whole grains for her blood pressure...  What I've been doing for twenty years is finally catching on, because it works.

As far as Thanksgiving goes - ENJOY yourself.  If you want to make things a bit healthier - Use the recipes that are here on this blog (do a search - they start here:  Cranberries, pumpkin pie, stuffing - all of it can be done with a healthy twist.

If you need a little coaching to get you through.  Let us know:

Be sure to fill out a survey before next week - I'm looking forward to drawing the winners!

Susan Marque

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