Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Slender Living – Through the Holidays and Beyond - Food Ponderings ....vegan, vegetarian, macroibiotic, paleo, mediterranean, recipe

I am going over old emails as I write a story of a friend I met through my food coaching.  She lived in Australia and attended an online course I gave on Slender Living - Through the Holidays and Beyond.  The add copy read:
Slender Secrets can make you sexy, energized and
satisfied throughout your whole life!
Have ease this Holiday season.

Slender Living – Through the Holidays and Beyond is a
two hour tele-class that gives you priceless tools
and would normally cost $250, but for subscribers, the cost is only $95.
Plus if you purchase your “seat” before October 31st you only pay $75.

Apparently the class was just at this time of year.  As the weather changes and our appetites increase, it takes some game playing with one's thoughts to adjust and keep working at what makes you happy.

I've never met a person who was happy when they overate. It might be fun while doing it, but the reprocussions are not pleasant.  Ilanit fought with overeating in part because she was diabetic and played with her insulin.   She could control her weight taking less insulin, and then all of her indulgences could go right on through her, but she was hurting herself further in the process.  

Many people understand attempting to self medicate with food.  I met a neuroscientist named Gary Wenk who wrote about how food is like chemicals.  It stimulates or dulls, and can cause or eliminate cravings.  Ilanit liked that certain foods could curb her cravings.  We added some dried chestnuts to her morning congee because dried chestnuts are mild enough for a diabetic, but sweet enough to satisfy her bodies need for earth elements.  Plus chestnuts are filling, and the combo satisfied her far better than plain rice.  With the chestnut addition she easily lasted until lunch.  I also suggested some toasted seeds as a garnish, but she liked a touch of flax oil, and that was all.  

When she was ready to try something else - she liked my Bowl Full of Breakfast recipe (see below) as a hearty way to start the day.  It is nice as the weather gets cooler when you might feel less like cleansing fruits (best in warm weather) and more like foods that will stay with you longer.  

Ilanit loved the tele-class.  In two hours we covered an enormous amount that helped everyone create healthy habits and know how.  Instead of thinking about calories or trying to refrain from candy, alcohol, or eating bread for two months, to fit into a holiday dress - everyone came away with strategies they could live with.  There were tools to enjoy every Holiday occasion, and never have to worry about gaining weight. 

Here is the Bowl Full of Breakfast recipe as one step to healthy and happy you - all year long...

Bowl Full of Breakfast

This is a one pot meal that you can use for breakfast, or even add some raisins, sweetener, and re-cook for a dessert.

1/2 C. millet
1/2 C. sweet brown rice
1/4 C. Aduki beans
1/4 C. Dried Chestnuts
1/2 of a small cauliflower
1/2 red onion diced
1/2 butternut squash diced
1 ear of fresh sweet corn kernels
2” piece of Kombu sea vegetable
3 C. good water
Sea Salt

Soak the millet, sweet rice, aduki beans, and chestnuts over night in the 3 C. of water.  Add the Kombu and simmer for twenty minutes and then add the other ingredients with a pinch of sea salt.  You may need to add a little more water if pressure cooking and for sure if you are boiling to make sure it doesn’t all boil away.  Bring to pressure and cook 30 minutes more or 45-60 if boiling.  Season after with miso or gomasio, flax oil etc.