Monday, June 29, 2015

Your Recipe For Success - L.A. Just Got More Beautiful - Holly Jean Cosner is in L.A.

There is nothing like feeling strong, centered, and powerful.  That's how I've been feeling this last week.  I've gotten to do Pilates with Holly Jean Cosner now for a couple of months and the transformation is fantastic.  My belly has never been so flat and fit.  I've never felt more able to take on anything.  That's actually saying a lot, because I've always been somewhat fit.

If you have thought - Ah Pilates is boring, or maybe you thought it was for dancers - or whatever you might have thought - let go of all of those thoughts, and go try a class with Holly in Los Angeles.  She moved there today. (Classes start Wednesday - July 1st)

I could feel the loss when I got up this morning.  I had my breakfast and realized that while I still have wonderful teachers here in New York, I was not looking forward to a week without getting to be in Holly's classes.  She is special.  Strong and gentle, her voice, her music selections, her inventive ideas that keep Pilates fresh, and interesting - these are all things that help you to work out better than you ever did before.  Be more successful in every area of your life - because it all starts at your core.

Then there is the personal attention.  She knows bodies better than anyone I've ever met.  She knows how a slight adjustment can make all the difference for you, and she gives you corrections in such a way that you remember them.  She doesn't have to repeat herself.  It's kind of amazing really.

Check out her schedule in L.A. at Yogaworks.  She is going to be teaching:
M/W/F/ Sun   Pilates in Hollywood, Larchmont  and West Hollywood
M/W/Thurs/ F  Barworks in Studio City

Oh and try a Barworks class.  I didn't venture into one until her last day here.  It was so much fun that I wish I had done it more.  It is more of a fitness class than anything resembling ballet.  My legs started shaking at one point but thankfully you move on to other muscles and get the whole body in there.  The music and Holly's voice kept me going and the hour flew by.  Give all of her classes a try, and after a few weeks you will notice how strong you are, how much more energy you have, and how good the world looks to you.  I will miss her.  (Okay L.A. keep a couch open for me, I might have to start visiting....)
Here are my legs in the back of the studio.... yeah the super white ones...

And as always if you have questions - need a little support with food - we still do phone coaching sessions for

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