Monday, June 8, 2015

Fast Skin Savers

I had a friend in town last week and we ate some fun healthy meals.  Four meals, in two days, from restaurants though, and my skin broke out from the excess oils, and spices.  (Okay, and probably quantity too...) I headed to Chinatown to get some burdock.  Burdock being a blood cleanser, it usually gets my skin back to normal in just a few days.  Plus I like its earthy sweet taste.

I could have bought burdock in any health food shop, or Asian market, but I enjoy a walk through Chinatown and picking up other unusual foods along the way.  Spring and early summer are when the stalls are overflowing with pink lychees, purple or green kolrabi, viagraesque mountain potatoes, and of course piles of different greens. 

Always one to try new things, I took home a bunch of leaves on thick stems that I had never seen before.  The Chinese people tried to warn me that I needed to use them in soup.  Liver soup especially, but with meat, they told me.  I think they really meant - Hey white girl - don't eat these leaves raw - they aren't lettuce.  I cooked them in with my burdock and other veggies, and they were delicious. Something like spinach without the acidity. 

The next day - my skin looked better than ever.  It couldn't have been the burdock alone.  It had to have been the greens.  I used them a second night and woke up with a fairly perfect complexion.

I took a photo and plunked it into Google images and found these are gougicai or goji leaves.  Ironically the goji berries never agreed with me.  The leaves seem magical.  I want to find out more about them.  So far all I have found is they are good for the liver and kidneys.  In any case - the combination of burdock and these wonderful liver cooling greens is nothing short of magical. 

Keep in mind this is currently a study of one - so not exactly a big sampling of how it would work on other people - but stay open to the power of plants.

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