Monday, April 27, 2015

Green Fest Finds

I went to the Green Fest Expo this weekend.  I've been to similar events before, where they are buzzing with energy, new products, great speakers, and fun.  Unfortunately, this was definitely not buzzing.  I felt sorry for the vendors who mostly seemed sad that their investment to be there was not paying off.

I did find two booths worth noting.  The first, Nomi Network (, had a lovely booth that was sadly pushed off to a corner, that you couldn't see unless you are extremely curious... The company helps women get free from the human trafficking industry.  It puts women to work, helps educate them, and sets them up in a supportive environment.  The products they sell are both beautiful, and utilitarian.  The money you spend with them helps women who really need it.  Sex slavery is a 99 Billion dollar business, that many westerners have no conceptual grasp of how hugely this affects young women.  Nomi puts all of the money raised by selling these products, into their programs. Read more at

The second delicious find:

Someone has invented a very fun and filling way to make an oxygen infused beverage that feels like you are getting a frothy treat instead of something good for you.  It puffs up the organic juice, infused with O2 and a few added vitamins, to create what you could think of as fruit juice meets whip cream and becomes this beverage.  It's frothy, not fizzy, and that is good for you.  Fizz creates CO2 which creates acidity.  This is just O2, which creates alkalinity.  Alkalinity is good for most of us, because acidity is what creates inflammation and dis-ease....

If I ever get settled, or they develop a handy travel size machine, I'll be buying one.

There were products at the fest that I already know and love, such as
and there were products that I would not recommend...(please stay away from products that say "natural flavorings" in the ingredient list.  Those are glutimates - they make things taste good, but kill brain cells, and cause other problems...)

Tomorrow I'll be back with some fun recipes....And remember to take advantage of the spring special rates at  It's time to Love Your Body and Love Your Life.  Get the tools you need to do that now and forever!  Be excited to wake up with energy, and feel clear and happy.  Food tools are powerful, solid, and support everything you are up to.  Clear out the aches, shed excess weight, or gain what you need.  It's time to let go of the problems, and shine!

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