Monday, April 20, 2015

Filling and Delicious - When a Veggie Lunch Fits Your Style (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, macrobiotic, flexitarian, recipe)

For those of you who might have been wondering where I went - I've been busy.  Never too busy to cook great food, but since I was sharing my writing and photos with a food chain who hired me to help them with their website, a book company who asked me to ghost write, and working on a new book proposal - well - sometimes, you have to prioritize.

These photos were the lunch I just ate.
Creamy and sweet carrot soup (onions, carrots, white miso paste) is so rich and silky, you could almost make a meal out of that alone, with a side of rice.  I chose to pair it with a little brain food (cauliflower).  I had some roasted garlic left over from yesterday - thanks to National Garlic Day.  I quickly made some tamari roasted cauliflower and asparagus - and voila - a sushi that even an ardent meat eater would enjoy.

Here's the difference - this meal might be light on calories, and super slimming for your upcoming bikini shots - but it's filling, satisfying, and a wonderful meld of flavors.

Carrot soup gives you a powerful boost to the kidneys, digestive system, and helps purify the blood, not to mention all of that beautiful vitamin A.  (Look on your bottle of Wellness Formula - Vitamin A is probably the most plentiful ingredient....)  The miso adds protein as well as a rich flavor.

Why add asparagus to this already mineral rich combination?  Aside from being a terrific spring vegetable - asparagus is good for all of us - especially us ladies.  Not that my libido needs any boosting, but it does prevent/alleviate cramps, constipation and reduces phlegm (hello spring allergies). 

I added a touch of ume paste to spice up the flavor, alkalinity, digestibility, and well the combination is just good. No dipping required.  It's an easy lunch to pack and take with you.  When you are on the go, you need not worry about spoiling.  These foods can sit around for hours and won't be harmed a bit.  (Unlike animal foods that you must keep in the fridge.)

What are you having for lunch today?

Get ready for summer and take advantage of the session special.  Love your body - Love your life - Do it Now!

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