Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sexy Salmon and Gluten Free Side - Recipes

You might find that salmon perks up your energy.  It's been touted as a food to get things heated up in the bedroom, and it can also give you a little extra boost for other things as well. Here it gets paired with gluten free sorghum.  A hearty grain that has a great tooth for pilafs, risottos, or if you like a grain pudding to be chewy. 

For the sorghum: Soak 1 cup of sorghum in 3 cups of water overnight.
The next day, drain, rinse, and cook with 3 cups of fresh water and a pinch of sea salt, for 45 minutes.
This will make 4 or 5 servings.

To make the pilaf.  Saute 2 Tablespoons chopped leak with 1 clove of chopped garlic and 1 Tablespoon of fresh peas, in 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil, per person.  Add the sorghum after the vegetables are soft, and saute for one minute more. (multiply to make as much as you might need.  Alternatively if you want to use all of the sorghum, you could add the vegetables from the start and finish with a small amount of oil.)

For the salmon:
Mix 1 Tablespoon of olive oil with 1 teaspoon mustard, 2 Tablespoons lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon honey, and 4-5 chopped, fresh, mint leaves - per fillet.  (multiply as needed)
Pour the mixed marinade over the salmon in a baking dish.  You can marinate overnight or simply pour and bake.
Bake in a 350° oven for 20 minutes. (If you prefer broiled or grilled salmon - grill until it is cooked through and easily flakes - approximately 4 minutes on each side.)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Freeze Grain Not Beans, and other useful tidbits

Why do you freeze whole grains when you take them home, but not beans?

Beans get stored just like whole grains do, in silos, in bins, and all kinds of containers.  What is the purpose of freezing grain anyway?  When you take whole grains home, even the ones that are in shiny packages and look positively clean - they can still harbor things - like bugs.  Only once did I get a grain bug that hatched inside the glass jar I had stored some brown rice.  Once was all it took for me to forever freeze my grains for 24 hours when I brought them home.

If you cook what you have immediately, don't worry.  Cooking is going to kill any eggs or larve that could potentially be attached.  It doesn't happen often, but often enough that freezing is a good practice.

Why not freeze beans?  Have you ever cooked your beans and they just wouldn't get soft?  No matter how long you cooked them, no matter how much water you added, they still had an unpleasant tooth to the darn things.  I've even had to throw away whole batches on occasion.  More in New York than when I lived in L.A. (during winter).  Beans can get "stale" when they are frozen.  I'm using the word loosely.  They change just enough, that they no longer cook up well.  Just the same as when you store them for too long. (And remember not to use salt until beans are fully cooked.  That too will prevent them from getting soft.  A piece of kombu might seem salty, but that will make them taste great and be far more digestible.)

Of course you could always purchase canned beans that are already cooked.   They are good to use, but do not have as rich of a taste as freshly prepared beans.  They are just as filling, but a little less strengthening when you buy those canned one.  Beans in general are supportive for the kidneys and adrenal glands.  Think energy and strength without the fat of animal foods.

Beans are wonderful in all types of cuisine.  If you haven't experimented with them much, start with a soup, dip, or toss them in a salad.  Just remember not to freeze them when you take them home.  Freeze whole grains, not beans.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fast Food Gourmet - vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, paleo, flexitarian, gluten free, recipe

Make as much, or as little, as you like, of these delicious, speedy recipes.  Their versatile enough that you might want to put the radish salad and tofu in a wrap for lunch the next day, or use the tofu in another unique way.  I'm thinking of creating a healthy pizza shortly, and it would be a good topping. (Although, I think I'll do something else...stay tuned...)

The cooling tofu here is paired with warming sweet potato, and the blend of flavors is nice.  Radish are terrific for clear skin, but don't toss those tops.  They are even higher in vitamin C,  B vitamins, and are generally as terrific as other dark leafy vegetables.  Plus you can think of getting a bonus when you buy radishes, you get two vegetables for one price.

Here I simply sauteed both tops and roots with garlic and a pinch of sea salt, then squeezed a little lemon over the top.

The sweet potato was also tossed with olive oil and sea salt, and roasted in a 375° oven for 30 minutes. (The pieces are small so they cook faster.)

For the tofu: simply mash in a bowl with chopped, fresh basil and splash with ume vinegar to your taste.  There is something about basil that just works with tofu.  Here I used the extra firm (The Whole Foods Brand.) drained and pressed for a few minutes with paper towels.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Green Fest Finds

I went to the Green Fest Expo this weekend.  I've been to similar events before, where they are buzzing with energy, new products, great speakers, and fun.  Unfortunately, this was definitely not buzzing.  I felt sorry for the vendors who mostly seemed sad that their investment to be there was not paying off.

I did find two booths worth noting.  The first, Nomi Network (, had a lovely booth that was sadly pushed off to a corner, that you couldn't see unless you are extremely curious... The company helps women get free from the human trafficking industry.  It puts women to work, helps educate them, and sets them up in a supportive environment.  The products they sell are both beautiful, and utilitarian.  The money you spend with them helps women who really need it.  Sex slavery is a 99 Billion dollar business, that many westerners have no conceptual grasp of how hugely this affects young women.  Nomi puts all of the money raised by selling these products, into their programs. Read more at

The second delicious find:

Someone has invented a very fun and filling way to make an oxygen infused beverage that feels like you are getting a frothy treat instead of something good for you.  It puffs up the organic juice, infused with O2 and a few added vitamins, to create what you could think of as fruit juice meets whip cream and becomes this beverage.  It's frothy, not fizzy, and that is good for you.  Fizz creates CO2 which creates acidity.  This is just O2, which creates alkalinity.  Alkalinity is good for most of us, because acidity is what creates inflammation and dis-ease....

If I ever get settled, or they develop a handy travel size machine, I'll be buying one.

There were products at the fest that I already know and love, such as
and there were products that I would not recommend...(please stay away from products that say "natural flavorings" in the ingredient list.  Those are glutimates - they make things taste good, but kill brain cells, and cause other problems...)

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Smoky Asparagus Quesadilla - Lunch in a Flash - vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, macrobiotic, recipes

 This combination of textures and flavors is what makes it a gourmet lunch you could serve guests or whip up for yourself any day.  It is even kid approved.

for gluten free folks - use rice wraps.  I used Rudi's Spelt wraps.  They're easy to find and freeze great.  Just take one from the freezer, and place in a dry fry pan over medium to medium-low heat.  Sprinkle half of the wrap with smoky paprika, lay your favorite cheese on top. (I like Follow Your Heart...) then steamed asparagus and fold the wrap over.  Place the lid on your pan and let it cook until golden brown (about 3 minutes) and flip and brown the other side. 

The soy cheese doesn't look like it is melted, but is perfectly gooey once you bite into it.

Pair your handheld with your favorite side salad.  This carrot slaw is dressed with a little turmeric and Follow Your Heart's Veganaise (far lighter than traditional mayo, but tastes great and is easy on your heart), plus a dab of raw honey.

Share your variations with us!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

$10 for you

There are times when you save a few pennies on an item at the grocery store.  I have gotten lucky with sales, or finds, no matter if it is Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or the regular grocery store down the street.

I consistently purchase many staple items at simply because it saves more than pennies.  The savings are significant, but I was blown away when I made my most recent order.  It was usual stuff: tea, breakfast cereal, whole grains, vitamins, lotion.  They had sent a couple of coupons in the email and let you use multiple coupons so I put in all of the codes and ended up saving more than $25 off the already lower prices that they have everyday.

If you want to get $10 your first order here is a code for that:

One of my favorite things about using Vitacost is how quickly they send out the box, it comes to your door, no shlepping - and it saves time too.  And no, I don't work for them or get anything for giving them any praise, but as my clients and friends know, I do like passing on good things.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Strawberry Rice - gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, breakfast recipe

I generally like a little fruit with my breakfast.  Quinoa with apples and cinnamon, millet with vanilla and pears, rye and raspberries, I'm continually mixing it up.  Since I moved to New York City though, strawberries have proved to be disappointing.  They've mostly been sour berries that ship well, look pretty, but leave me wishing I'd spent the money on something else.

It's spring - strawberry season - and when I went to pick up a few items this weekend, the strawberries were on sale.  They looked dark and inviting, so I took a chance, and bought some.  While not the same as the days when I went to the Santa Monica farmer's market and had tastes from every vendor, before deciding on which perfect berries to buy - these have good strawberry flavor and are slightly sweet.

Yesterday I made a couple of cups of brown rice to last for a few days worth of meals. (faster than take-out - sign up for a session if you want the tricks to homemade food that is a snap to prepare.

This morning I took a large cup of that cooked rice and put it in a pot with a cup of water, and 3 large strawberries cut up.  I simmered it without a lid for about 10 minutes, until it was a thick, creamy, hot cereal that smelled divine.  Because it is also allergy season, I added 1/2 tsp. cinnamon and some raw honey after I took it off the heat (instant relief for my runny nose).   I used one more strawberry as garnish.

All I can say is "wow."  It was so good, I almost want to repeat it for dessert.  Add a touch of vanilla and you have a rice pudding that would be good hot or cold, but I think I'll reserve mine for breakfast right now.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Filling and Delicious - When a Veggie Lunch Fits Your Style (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, macrobiotic, flexitarian, recipe)

For those of you who might have been wondering where I went - I've been busy.  Never too busy to cook great food, but since I was sharing my writing and photos with a food chain who hired me to help them with their website, a book company who asked me to ghost write, and working on a new book proposal - well - sometimes, you have to prioritize.

These photos were the lunch I just ate.
Creamy and sweet carrot soup (onions, carrots, white miso paste) is so rich and silky, you could almost make a meal out of that alone, with a side of rice.  I chose to pair it with a little brain food (cauliflower).  I had some roasted garlic left over from yesterday - thanks to National Garlic Day.  I quickly made some tamari roasted cauliflower and asparagus - and voila - a sushi that even an ardent meat eater would enjoy.

Here's the difference - this meal might be light on calories, and super slimming for your upcoming bikini shots - but it's filling, satisfying, and a wonderful meld of flavors.

Carrot soup gives you a powerful boost to the kidneys, digestive system, and helps purify the blood, not to mention all of that beautiful vitamin A.  (Look on your bottle of Wellness Formula - Vitamin A is probably the most plentiful ingredient....)  The miso adds protein as well as a rich flavor.

Why add asparagus to this already mineral rich combination?  Aside from being a terrific spring vegetable - asparagus is good for all of us - especially us ladies.  Not that my libido needs any boosting, but it does prevent/alleviate cramps, constipation and reduces phlegm (hello spring allergies). 

I added a touch of ume paste to spice up the flavor, alkalinity, digestibility, and well the combination is just good. No dipping required.  It's an easy lunch to pack and take with you.  When you are on the go, you need not worry about spoiling.  These foods can sit around for hours and won't be harmed a bit.  (Unlike animal foods that you must keep in the fridge.)

What are you having for lunch today?

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