Friday, January 2, 2015

When Procrastination Works for Weight Loss (or productive procrastination)

Before ADD diagnosis', or putting everyone on pharmaceuticals, became a national past time.... flitting around doing things other than the thing you thought you were supposed to be doing, was called procrastination.

Procrastination is bad when you get late fees because you avoided opening a small bill, or taking back a DVD.

Used wisely, procrastination can be a good thing.  Like when you want to eat and it's not a meal time.

If you use eating as a way to procrastinate, then making your little snacks okay, and limiting them to between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, could even help you lose weight.  Make those snacks simple slimming veggie snacks and you're on your way.  Using the "waterless" cooking method and no oil, eating vegetables such as daikon radish, carrots, turnips, kolrabi, and others, can fill you up with their sweetness and fiber, but have so few calories, you can easily burn them off during your normal day.  Why they might even create weight loss is because you will still be satiated and able to eat less at lunch or dinner. 

The other way that procrastination can work for weight loss, is to just keep procrastinating on snacking, and only eat your sensible 3 meals in the day.  "Get busy" is a tool to create lasting slenderness by redirecting your thoughts and energy.  Get out of the snack habit and enjoy something else instead.

If you like to draw - doodle.
If you like to exercise - do a few pilates, yoga or fitness moves.
If you like to sing, make up a little tune.

Pick something you enjoy because often people train themselves to avoid the pain of the thing they don't want to do with the instant pleasure of eating.  Just transfer that same impulse into a different pleasure and by the end of the year, you might have written a new novel, painted a new masterpiece or gotten yourself hired to write greeting cards or jingles and can quit the day job you were procrastinating from anyway.  Plus you'll like how you look and feel.