Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sexy Salad Rolls that make a satisfying quick lunch - vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, paleo, gluten free recipe

Maybe I should be saving this recipe for Valentine's Day since these sexy little salad rolls won't weigh you down, and could be a perfect way to rev up.  There is something to that folk lore that says being kind to your kidneys gives you sexual vitality - lovely little aduki beans are great for your energy organs.  Pick yourself up after a night of feasting by enjoying a lighter lunch that will help you revive.

The secret to this delightful way to eat some salad is flavor!  It's packed with it.  I used Veganaise because it's what I normally keep on hand.  Use whatever mayo you enjoy, but don't skip the ume because it is the combination of that, and the roasted garlic, that make this simple dish a winner all around.

You could use a wrap instead of the nori, but I paired this roll with a nice square of millet.  Remember alkalizing is a big factor in energy too.  Millet is the only alkalizing grain and is super satisfying on it's own.  Cool into any shape and cut slices to eat like bread or use it as you would polenta.

Sexy Salad Rolls

For each roll:

1 carrot, shredded
1 sheet toasted nori
4 small leaves romaine lettuce
Aduki beans cooked with kombu
Veganaise (or mayo)
Ume paste (also labeled umeboshi paste)
roasted garlic

To make the roasted garlic, simply place an entire head of garlic in a heat proof container and bake for 45 minutes at 325 - 350° F.   Lay the nori with the lines going vertically onto a sushi mat.  Lay the lettuce leaves down, overlapping to create a flat bed.  Spread with a thin amount of Veganaise then ume paste and then the roasted garlic.  Spread beans on top of the condiments and then the carrot shreds on top.  Roll as you would any maki roll and seal the nori using a little water on your finger to secure the end like you would an old fashioned envelope.  Slice from the middle out.

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