Monday, October 27, 2014

Have a Mung Bean Monday - vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, gluten free, recipe

Are those burdock chips?  Yes, they are, along with roasted turnips and a delicious mung bean sandwich. 

Mung beans are easy to cook.  They don't require soaking and are easier to digest than other beans.  Mung beans are cooling and detoxifying, but depending on how you cook them, they can be eaten any time of year. 

Burdock is such a powerhouse of cleaning out impurities and building strength, that I love finding new things to do with it.  Here I sliced strips and roasted them with olive oil and sea salt along with the turnips.  Unlike the turnips that will remain quite soft, the burdock got crisp.  I lucked out and got sweet burdock to begin with (thank you Sunrise Market) so the chips were better than potato chips and so much better for you.

Mung beans lend themselves to soups, burgers and stews, but can also be used like any other bean.  Here I mashed them along the mayo (veganaise actually) I had spread over the wrap, added water fried veggies and made a quick, filling sandwich I can't wait to have again.  High energy, great taste, and perfectly filling.

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