Monday, October 6, 2014

Fatitude - The Truth Can Set You Slender

Working with clients can be tricky sometimes.  Humans can be resistant to letting go of the ideas that keep them stuck and frustrated and unhappy.  As I was talking with someone yesterday and hearing her fight to keep her limitations, I thought of how there used to be a term fat head that I believed described this type of attitude.  Fatitude, I thought.  The ideas that keep us stuck and living in that painful spot we want to get out of should be called fatitude.

When a person fights to be right with excuses, it literally keeps them stuck and there is a lot of overeating going on from that frustration.  Overeating or eating fattening items like fried foods, alcohol, ice cream, etc. are often outcomes of an attempt to sooth emotions.  We know this of course.  How do we take that idea and let go of fatitude and finally live free of unwanted overeating or pounds or anything?

Get to the truth of what is literally eating you.  If you have excuses as to why things are not working out, question those ideas.  Keep questioning until you can get to the underlying truth.  The truth will fell like an aha.  The truth might make you cry.  It might make your brain turn fuzzy and confused and you might even be unable to recall the realization that seemed so huge, so profound that you wanted to tell someone right away.  It's getting to those truths that will set your energy free and dissolve all the fatitude.  Then it gets easy to stick to your healthy eating goals.

If you need help getting down to the core of the emotions, schedule a coaching session, find a therapist or grab someone you feel is qualified to help you get to the transformation.  Your life will lighten up from there.

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