Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Just One More's and how to tame your overeating - healthy blueberry pie recipe too!

Do you play games with your appetites?
It might be with chips, or savories, or with a lot of folks it's dessert.

These are little blueberry pies I made for a dinner I was having with a couple of friends.  Since the apartment I am currently staying in has no oven, I bake things in a toaster oven.  Instead of making this incredibly healthy recipe in one pan, I made individual mini-pies and with my good company, I found that I didn't have those dreaded "Just one more's" that used to plague me.

Do you know that game?  Where the mind says, "They are healthy, one more won't hurt."  or "I will just eat this last one and then I'll be better tomorrow."  or what your mind says that keeps you eating past full, past a portion or past what your particular goals might be.

Some people feel like they won something if they get that little extra in a meal.  They might have grown up restricted and when they got a bigger cookie, or an extra bag of M&M's, it seemed like they just won at life that day.

One client said that he couldn't stop eating fruit because growing up it was so restricted. When they did have fruit he was punished if he ate more than once piece.  Now he couldn't stop eating sweets or fruits when they were around, because he no longer had to save any for his sisters.

Some clients slice things or break cookies into pieces in order to convince themselves they will eat less.  Then they end up eating more than if they had just had a nice whole portion on a plate.

So how do you tame that wild side.  The part of you that keeps eating even when another part clearly wants to stop?

First, recognize the pattern.  What is it inside of you that is doing that?  Often it might not just be the trigger foods, but a general overeating that is going on all the time.  The trigger foods or the "just one more's" are the tipping point making you feel bloated, overly full or guilty.  What are you eating too much for?  What is the emotional cover up?  Have you talked it out with a therapist or coach?  Are you willing to change your patterns?  Would you like to feel lighter, more energized and overall healthier?

The second thing you must do is commit to being a healthy eater and not an overeater.  This takes muscle until it doesn't.  Brushing your teeth probably didn't come naturally either, until it did.  You have to make a firm commitment that you will eat your small portions and savor them.  Then be done with your meal.  No matter what.  No matter if the french fries won't be good the next day, or you feel like you are wasting food.  Just stop before you are too full.  Eat light and chew each bite to the fullest so that you are satiated and get the most from your meals.

Thirdly, find a way to let go of scarcity programming.  This may require talking with a professional.  When things are limited - funds are low and we get scared there won't be enough soon - something clicks and overeating happens as if it is the only way to survive.  It isn't.  We live in a land of plenty where gorging so you won't starve for a few days isn't going to really help you at all.  You must release those patterns to find complete relief.  There are many ways to do the releasing so find someone you trust to work with and find the freedom that will then translate into every area of your life.

And for the blueberry pie recipe click here: