Thursday, August 7, 2014

It Just Gets Better - Health and Slender

This is what I was eating last night.  Summer seems to make cold or frozen fruit treats especially fun to eat.

Also quick feasts like this Japanese dinner pancake:
Once you know how foods work for you, and you make choices that support you continuously, being healthy and slender and in a good mood  - well - it just gets easier all the time.

A couple of weeks ago my doctor wanted to do some blood work.  She just wanted to check on things since I will be leaving her and moving on.  (Schools over so I graduate from her too...) I sat in her office as she read me the results and compared to things to a year ago.  Everything was good then and is even better now.

That is exactly how I have felt.  Each year since I learned how to eat to create anything...well, yeah, it just keeps getting better and it does not appear there is a ceiling at all.  Subtle things like better moods and big things like organs repairing and energy soaring, just continue to gently improve and improve and improve. 

The great thing about this is that anyone can learn it.  Awareness is growing so there are more places to get great food that you can feel good about.  Kale isn't the only green and quinoa is not the only grain.  Thankfully five star chefs are getting on the bandwagon and healthy doesn't have to mean clunky, chunky or devoid of flavor. 

Get out there and start choosing supportive foods that make you happy.  Get healthier and watch your passion wake up, the circles leave your eyes, and have more fun with the people you love.  It is absolutely the best gift you can get. 

If you need a coach - let us know.   I am back to training coaches so there can be one in your area soon.