Monday, June 16, 2014

Stay Slender Starter Kit Secret #4

I woke up tired today.  I am usually energized, clear and happy for the day to begin.  No caffeine required because of how I eat...  So why the foggy fatigue?  A little too much fun food for the past two days.  I ate in restaurants, I had desserts and treats and then a little meat.  All acid forming foods.  Too much acid = slow down and a lot more work for the body.

So now you are thinking - "Yeah - so what - how does this relate to staying slender?"

Generally fatigue causes people to eat more.  You're body gives you a hunger signal because you want fuel to perk up or get a hit from some kind of stimulant such as sugar.  People who do not get enough sleep, or adequate sleep, often find themselves nibbling during the day.  They drink beverages loaded with calories, or acidity, or both.  Often consuming more items that will then make them tired and keep the cycle on repeat.

Instead - eat a balanced - (a little on the alkaline side of things) diet for your specific body type and condition.

Get - plenty of quality sleep and a bit of exercise.

When you do overindulge - be sure to have some alkalizers on hand like umeboshi or the ingredients for Kudzu tea (

Finally - when you realize that you are doing some tired noshing - stop and stick to your healthy habits.  It might take a little mind muscle (something you can get coached to be great at) but you can do it and feel good about yourself.  Your body will thank you.

Now I'm going to dip into the umeboshi jar myself...

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