Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stay Slender Starter Kit Secret # 2  is also posted on when you click on the videos.

Stay Slender Secrets are more than the actual foods themselves, but foods such as lovely fat dissolving daikon radish can help you on the road to healthier - slender habits...

Why is daikon great for staying slender (or getting there...)?  It is a unique vegetable in it's ability not only to help your body shed fat, it is also a diuretic too.  If you are in trim down mode for a swim suit or wedding - daikon can be a great tool to use for a short time. I wouldn't want to see someone eating it in large amounts, everyday,  because your kidneys are the ones to filter liquid in your body.  If you keep pushing them to work more - eventually you will get tired.  Staying Slender with Macro Living means tons of energy and feeling great so we don't want to create fatigue.  Life does enough of that for us.

In some countries daikon and carrot are shredded and cooked for a minute in water to create a weight loss drink.  personally, I just love daikon.

If you have there is a delicious sweet and slimmer recipe made with dried daikon that is said to go deeper in the body and clear away stubborn fat.  It also just tastes great.

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