Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Product Thursday

It's a been a great week of working in a lovely home in Tribeca.  I'm currently looking for a place to live, and camping here for the week.  Keep your Manhattan ears open for me...

Since you have read the blog I posted about one functional beverage - so many other great ones have cropped up.  My recent favorites have been which has good probiotics in it as well as good taste.  Then came Motto Which I have to say, I have such a thing for, I could drink it by the case.  There is no making Motto at home or any kind of substitution that is as good as the real thing.  And last summer when I found Columbia Gorge organic lemonades - I couldn't get enough and have not been able to locate them this year...

But I have to say - that all adds up cost wise.  They are fun once in a while as treats.  What can I have every day and all day long and is more fun than plain water?  Step in Zing Anything - they make terrific products like that blue Aqua Zinger on the right. 

You put a little fruit and herb in the bottom compartment and fill with water.  Chill it for a little bit and shake it up for a fun fruity beverage that changes with your mood.  Plus it doesn't cost much and is super healthy.  You control what you put into it and how you like it.  (currently I am sipping mint pineapple water but for days it's been figgy mint...)

I hopped into Whole Foods to pick up a few items for lunch today. I reminded myself to buy some lemons and things to make salad dressing.  There was a stand set up for a demo, as there often is in Whole Foods.  I usually ignore the demos.  Especially salad dressing demos because there is always sugar and other things I don't eat in the products.  The young man giving out tastes assured me of no sugar and in fact he uses high quality organic ingredients that I would use.  I loved the taste and the time savings of me mixing my own up today.  (Gotta run and look at apartments you know...)  I bought his refreshing ginger.  Get all the info at (Facebook MOMO dressing).  He is so nice that I bet he would ship to you if you asked.

If you are having any trouble staying cool, happy and refreshed this summer - book a session and we'll get you all sorted out.  These are two great new products that can make summer days a lot more perky.  Enjoy yourself.

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