Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Product Thursday

It's a been a great week of working in a lovely home in Tribeca.  I'm currently looking for a place to live, and camping here for the week.  Keep your Manhattan ears open for me...

Since you have read the blog I posted about one functional beverage - so many other great ones have cropped up.  My recent favorites have been which has good probiotics in it as well as good taste.  Then came Motto Which I have to say, I have such a thing for, I could drink it by the case.  There is no making Motto at home or any kind of substitution that is as good as the real thing.  And last summer when I found Columbia Gorge organic lemonades - I couldn't get enough and have not been able to locate them this year...

But I have to say - that all adds up cost wise.  They are fun once in a while as treats.  What can I have every day and all day long and is more fun than plain water?  Step in Zing Anything - they make terrific products like that blue Aqua Zinger on the right. 

You put a little fruit and herb in the bottom compartment and fill with water.  Chill it for a little bit and shake it up for a fun fruity beverage that changes with your mood.  Plus it doesn't cost much and is super healthy.  You control what you put into it and how you like it.  (currently I am sipping mint pineapple water but for days it's been figgy mint...)

I hopped into Whole Foods to pick up a few items for lunch today. I reminded myself to buy some lemons and things to make salad dressing.  There was a stand set up for a demo, as there often is in Whole Foods.  I usually ignore the demos.  Especially salad dressing demos because there is always sugar and other things I don't eat in the products.  The young man giving out tastes assured me of no sugar and in fact he uses high quality organic ingredients that I would use.  I loved the taste and the time savings of me mixing my own up today.  (Gotta run and look at apartments you know...)  I bought his refreshing ginger.  Get all the info at (Facebook MOMO dressing).  He is so nice that I bet he would ship to you if you asked.

If you are having any trouble staying cool, happy and refreshed this summer - book a session and we'll get you all sorted out.  These are two great new products that can make summer days a lot more perky.  Enjoy yourself.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stay Slender Starter Kit Secret #5

I recently bought some fennel at Trader Joe's and have been having fun adding it to salads, sautes, snacks, etc.  Fennel is good for digestion and is anticarcinogenic.  So what does that have to do with staying slender? 

Secret #5 is about how to eat more veggies.  When you play more with your food and incorporate more vegetables than probably anything else - it's pretty difficult not to be slender. 

I have been riding the subway a bunch this last week and it saddens me to watch kids being given sodas, McDonalds, and bags of processed foods at all times of day, instead of things that grow.  Fennel is relatively cheap to buy (at Trader Joe's) and fun to snack on raw.  So are plenty of veggies like sweet jicama or kolrabi.  It's just that they have been trained to look away from veggies and go for the glamorous packaging instead. 

Fennel marinated in olive oil, lemon and sea salt is delicious on its own or paired with your favorite fish/meat/seitan. 

Try something new each week and get into healthier habits that will keep you energized, youthful and slender. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Stay Slender Starter Kit Secret #4

I woke up tired today.  I am usually energized, clear and happy for the day to begin.  No caffeine required because of how I eat...  So why the foggy fatigue?  A little too much fun food for the past two days.  I ate in restaurants, I had desserts and treats and then a little meat.  All acid forming foods.  Too much acid = slow down and a lot more work for the body.

So now you are thinking - "Yeah - so what - how does this relate to staying slender?"

Generally fatigue causes people to eat more.  You're body gives you a hunger signal because you want fuel to perk up or get a hit from some kind of stimulant such as sugar.  People who do not get enough sleep, or adequate sleep, often find themselves nibbling during the day.  They drink beverages loaded with calories, or acidity, or both.  Often consuming more items that will then make them tired and keep the cycle on repeat.

Instead - eat a balanced - (a little on the alkaline side of things) diet for your specific body type and condition.

Get - plenty of quality sleep and a bit of exercise.

When you do overindulge - be sure to have some alkalizers on hand like umeboshi or the ingredients for Kudzu tea (

Finally - when you realize that you are doing some tired noshing - stop and stick to your healthy habits.  It might take a little mind muscle (something you can get coached to be great at) but you can do it and feel good about yourself.  Your body will thank you.

Now I'm going to dip into the umeboshi jar myself...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stay Slender Starter Kit Secret # 2  is also posted on when you click on the videos.

Stay Slender Secrets are more than the actual foods themselves, but foods such as lovely fat dissolving daikon radish can help you on the road to healthier - slender habits...

Why is daikon great for staying slender (or getting there...)?  It is a unique vegetable in it's ability not only to help your body shed fat, it is also a diuretic too.  If you are in trim down mode for a swim suit or wedding - daikon can be a great tool to use for a short time. I wouldn't want to see someone eating it in large amounts, everyday,  because your kidneys are the ones to filter liquid in your body.  If you keep pushing them to work more - eventually you will get tired.  Staying Slender with Macro Living means tons of energy and feeling great so we don't want to create fatigue.  Life does enough of that for us.

In some countries daikon and carrot are shredded and cooked for a minute in water to create a weight loss drink.  personally, I just love daikon.

If you have there is a delicious sweet and slimmer recipe made with dried daikon that is said to go deeper in the body and clear away stubborn fat.  It also just tastes great.

If you want personalized Stay Slender Secrets and a plan along with tools to use for your entire life - book a session now at  Live Happy and Energized everyday....

Monday, June 9, 2014

Stay Slender Starter Kit Secret #3

My parents have now been married for 56 years.  They are both just as slender as they appear here at their engagement party.  I'll let you in on their secret.

First - for those who want a session for staying slender - getting a personalized plan for a health concern or getting your kids on a fast track to a clear and focused life - there are ONLY 2 SESSION SPOTS LEFT for the next three weeks.  Email me if you want one or both of them.

My dad loves to eat.  He would rather explore food products than power tools any day.  He loves to discover a new taste or sensational restaurant but never wants to spend a lot.  Mom enjoys it all too, but as a doctor's daughter, she is focused on health.  Their stay slender secret is not about steering clear of chips or cakes.  It is about small portions and three meals a day.

I was just visiting with them and am always astounded at how well the limited quantity works as a daily practice.  Once or twice a week though - watch out - and they will surprise you with putting away more food than you think either one could possibly hold.  That would be how traditional eating would have gone too.  Some days there just would be more food than usual.  A hunter comes back with a large treasure or nature simply is bountiful all at once. 

In food studies - it is a known fact that under eating can be a healthy practice.  People tend to live longer and better than those who regularly consume more. 

The trick to eating less is to cut down by small amounts.  If you normally eat a 1/2 of a pot of something.  Cut down to a third and then a quarter a few weeks later.  Coaching helps to keep you accountable while you learn how different foods are effecting you.  If you are eating things that contribute to cravings - overeating might be your bodies reaction to try and heal or get what it needs to get back to balance.  When you think you are being healthy but stressing out your body in one way - it will fight back.  When you know what to give your particular structure and condition - then you have freedom.  You are free to create your ideal body with ease.

Be the way - for those that I've mentioned to - here is the link to get the $10 off your first order.  I use Vitacost for everything from organic foods to tampons.  It saves me a ton on items I would buy anyway.   Feel free to pass on the link to anyone who wants to save money.  I always keep some homeopathics on hand along with my organic tamari and brown rice...

Remember if you want a session to look and feel your best right now - THERE ARE ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT - email me or book your discounted session at