Monday, May 12, 2014

Get a Super Cheap Food Coaching Session...

This is not a too good to be true offer.  Anyone who has coached with me will be reminded of a sessions worth (a follow up session in the new system) of material covered in the just released film Fed Up

While the film misses the opportunity for a compelling narrative that would turn this doc into something everyone would want to watch, (Did you see Twenty Feet From Stardom?)  they did get the facts from the authorities, and a little history of just how messed up the American food landscape seems to be.  It's a decent old school doc.  I wish it would get more coverage than it will.

Get fed up yourself with any battles, you or those you know, might be having with weight or health.  You don't have to struggle.  Let go.  You can get committed to a life that feels good, looks good and is naturally happy.

The film unfortunately does not give you much to go on for how to step by step transform your habits.  It won't help you learn to prepare meals.  It won't tell you what sorts of whole grains will help you get skinny and which ones are good for bulking up.  It isn't making distinctions about why beets create acidity and lemon will create alkalinity.  It just tells you that sugar is far more of a problem then most people have wanted to admit.  That cheese is a problem.  That many problems with the American dietary habits are built out of the food industry that creates faux food and markets it well.

Dr. David Kessler is in the film.  In his book The End of Overeating he goes into specifics of how the food companies can create products that will get your brain to override nature and keep you from feeling full and satiated. 

A neighbor of mine recently decided he was fed up with the weight he has put on in the last five years.   He and his wife each abandoned their resolutions and went back to old habits just months after seeing a bit of progress.  This is addressed in the film.  You have to really look at the power processed foods can have.  Fed Up likened some of the addictive qualities to be like cigarettes.  Before cancer became a huge fear, smoking was in.  Now it's out.  A spoonful of sugar was a friendly thing, and now the realities just might start to reach more people.

Get fed up with excess fat, excess ailments and unwarranted disease.  Sometimes it just takes a coaching session to change your life forever.  Will Fed Up be that for you?  Make today the day you get fed up with your obstacles and begin to live the life you dream about.

We're here to help if you need it.

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