Thursday, April 3, 2014

Everyone Anytime Pudding Recipe - gluten free, macrobiotic, vegan, vegetarian, healthy

Here is a shot of my breakfast this morning.  A super fast teff breakfast pudding.  The great thing here is, in no time at all, you can whip up breakfast, snack, or dessert for you and your family.  Use any flour that suits your fancy. or finish off the bits of this and that you have in your pantry.  Oat flakes, rye flakes, rice flour, etc. can all be used together.  I used teff flour with strawberries, honey, and flax oil to garnish.  You might add nuts, seeds, dried fruits or your favorite milk.

The night before I like to toast the flour and then add the water to soak overnight.  This is because my teachers were macrobiotic and liked to always soak grains for maximum digestibility.  It's flour already, so it is processed, and easier to digest than whole grain to begin with.  I doubt skipping the soaking will make that much difference if you want to just make a fast snack or meal, without the eggs, gluten, or hassle of other types of pudding.  I wouldn't skip the quick toasting of the flour by stirring it in the pan over medium heat until it becomes very fragrant.

1 Cup flour
2 Cups water (Use a little additional water if using flakes or if you like your pudding less thick.)
pinch of sea salt
any additions you might like.

Toast the flour, add the water and stir.  Use a whisk if you are getting lumps.  Immediately take off the heat and soak overnight.  In the morning add the pinch of sea salt and cook for 5-15 minutes.