Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your Success - By The Numbers

People like to tell me they have 20, or 30, or 10 pounds to lose.  They like to tell me about grams of sugar on a label or the numbers they found in an article they are shooting for as their ideal.

The best way to your success with food:

Throw out the scale - Laugh at the fat grams -  and stop counting numbers at all.

If you think that sounds like heresy, than consider how well the counting numbers has gotten people thus far.  It is more addiction than advantage.  Before scales, before calories were a known quantity, before diets were fads trying to sell other people on a system to slimness that fueled the dietary problems and ballooned them out of control....before all of that - people ate, exercised as part of their lives, and lived in strong healthy bodies - for the most part.

We can't go back to Paleo times because now our world is polluted, we live in our cars, stay out of the cold and walk on a treadmill.  (Not all of us - I am walking to school in a few minutes...)

The problem with the scale is the number is never good enough.  If you keep staring at what is wrong, bad and missing, then you will continue to live out and and get what is wrong, bad, and missing.  Start living your life and enjoying more than food.  Enjoy food in appropriate amounts for your body, and appropriate items for you to enjoy living inside your body, and and enjoy the people around you, the scenery you get to look at, the tasks you are given - enjoy your life and let your body become a naturally healthy, vibrant and lovely to look at place where you reside.  Stop measuring by numbers and focusing on what doesn't work.

What works is knowing how different food items affect you.  What works is making supportive choices even when you want to play like the hedonists and pretend it doesn't matter. 

Don't buy the numbers game - say bye bye to numbers and hello to healthy choices and start seeing yourself needing smaller garments, having bigger smiles, and a really great life along the way.

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