Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Time To Love You - Small Changes = Big Results

It's time to take stand for your heart.
That's right - that old saying "You either stand for something, or you fall for everything."
Stand up for your heart and what you really want.
Do you want to feel better inside your body?
Do you want to feel supported, nourished and well taken care of?
What would it take for you to have this?

Begin now. 

Maybe you need to ask for what you need in a relationship, or maybe you need to start treating yourself better.  Do you need a little more support?  You definitely deserve it.  It's time to start loving you like you want to be loved.  That doesn't mean eating doughnuts or crounuts daily with a side of fries at every lunch.  That does mean to give your body what it needs to feel great, and stop yourself from doing things that might seem fun for a few minutes, but are painful for hours, days, weeks or years later. 

Each day - begin by asking yourself better questions.  What do I need to do for this to be a happier day?  What would make me happy to wear today?  Where am I getting my meals so that they are creating what I want inside my skin?  How do I want to treat myself today? 

Valentine's isn't a once a year day to get romanced - You are your Valentine every hour of every day, and if you are being loving, kind and generous to yourself - then yeah, it will show up on the outside of you too.  Others will reflect how you treat yourself.  It's one of those energy loops.  Begin now to be loving yourself slender or healthier or happier.  Begin now to create a practice that is better than ever for your well being.  Each day - begin. 

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