Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This is a version of a photo I took in L.A. that I altered while thinking of my friend and artist William Mitchell, after I found out that he hung himself last week.  Yesterday was my birthday and there was a memorial for my other friend Will Gary.  The three events have had me thinking quite a lot about life...

So what is important and something that we can take away to live better?

One thing that came to me was just how precious this moment is.  That is not an excuse to be a hedonist, or take what you want at the expense of someone else.  It might be a call to be kinder to each other and kinder to our bodies.  You only get one, and treating as well as you can means you get to be happier, healthier and enjoy the moments here more.

When you eat a clean balanced whole foods based kind of diet, you get benefits beyond the clear skin, high energy, and slender physique.

You get to have a lighter, happier, more connected to nature, to your intuition, to that knowingness that is beyond explanation.

Eating well is not a fool proof way to eliminate all disease or protect you from getting depressed.  It does seem to be incredibly helpful.  When you are dumbed down by sugar, caffeine, additives and the many forms of glutamates lurking in possessed food - there is no way to fully connect with other humans, or yourself.  A glass of wine to relax can be a restorative, but you need to use fun foods wisely, and create your life around living really well, not just getting by.  Most folks get by.  Most are a little depressed.  Not too many catapult themselves off the side of a building as a farewell... but I think everyone (me included), could do a bit better at living in a way that is so healthy it's thrilling to wake up each morning.  We get by.  We love a few people, notice a few pleasures and trudge on through a lot of moments.

What can you do right now - today - each day - to live in a way that is far more whole, and alive, and vibrant than ever before?

I invite you to play well...

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bweswil said...

Happy belated birthday. Susan. Thank you for the thoughts.