Monday, February 17, 2014

Plan For Your Eating Success or Fail Your Physique

This was my quick lunch today with a side of garlic and green onion quinoa.  Fast and easy healthy meals take one thing that I have found most people want to skip - forethought!

If you are frustrated with the time your cooking takes, or that you don't have ingredients to make more than a salad day after day, it is time to start thinking a little bit ahead.  In fact, plan for your eating success like anything else.

Do you wake up and just let each day roll out before you?  I doubt it.  That kind of passivity would drive you crazy.  You plan for things that you think will make you happy.  Maybe you have work, or church, or school, or want to visit someone.  You think about it the night before.  You might think about what you will wear or how you will pick up your kids at their various activities.  If you have kids, I'm sure you think about their future, and make plans in your mind for things that will benefit them.  You get to work and decide what order you will do each task that needs getting done.  You plan in little ways all the time.  You need to be planning your food so that healthy things will end up on your plate - easily.

I usually think of the next days meals before I get ready for sleep, so that I can soak grains, or pick up something I might not have the next day that would make me happy.  I do not usually think the whole week out as some people do, but I do plan to have a couple of meals out a week and what sorts of things I am in the mood for that I might want to get ingredients for.  This week it was crepes and pancakes that held my attention and now I am craving making a sweet and savory curry - maybe red Thai or a Japanese curry with all sorts of vegetables.  I am also contemplating making a pizza with a crust made from chickpea flour.  This helps me when I am shopping for food.  I'll get ingredients that I could use for any of these things.  Then I can see what I want to make when it gets closer to meal time.  If you want to plan further you could make extras of things and freeze for busy times, you could plan your whole week out and shop just for that or find a system that works for you.

Without planning you will find yourself snacking more.  There is nothing fun planned with food so a cookie in the afternoon looks great in the moment.  Or you wait to long to eat since there is nothing prepared and then end up eating twice as much quantity as you really need.  The lack of meal planning is like planning for weight gain and poor choices.  So plan for your success with food instead.

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