Sunday, February 2, 2014

I cried when I heard the news of Phillip Seymour Hoffman

(This photo was taken by a wonderful photographer who wasn't listed where I grabbed if from - all I'm saying, is this is not my work and I'd like to give them credit...)

Success isn't what makes you happy. It really isn't. Success is doing what makes you happy and doing good work and hopefully having a fruitful life. If I've felt like I've done good work, that makes me happy. The success part of it is all gravy. -Phillip Seymour Hoffman

I never met Mr. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but when someone does do exceptionally good work, it can touch you.  He touched me.  I loved his work and admired it.  He inspired me to always strive to do better.  I love that kind of inspiration. I do keep striving to be better.  I have switched from acting, to now writing, and photography.   Food coaching was my art for many years.  I got good at it.  I now teach other coaches because I am ready to let it go, and just write and take photos.  I have spent a small fortune to go back to school and learn to be a writer the way that an athlete trains to be a pro.  Was it Malcolm Gladwell who said it takes 10,000 hours to be good at something?  I've been putting in my 10,000 hours.  

I have always written, the difference is to learn to write well, and know what makes one piece better than another.  I would like to think that some of our bright, talented talent, would know how to live well - but sometimes when the edge is calling - I'm sure the addiction can pull harder than even the smartest, brightest, and most talented can resist.  

Addictions are real - no matter if they are to sugary treats, a certain potato chip, or a brain numbing chemical.  There has been some work done in the area of using food as a way to manage addiction.  In my experience, a balanced, whole food diet can certainly curb the food addictions.  I've read of it working to calm alcohol addiction.  I have yet to read studies done with substances such as heroine.  It's possible that the calming, clear, strong energy one gets from eating "clean" could definitely help someone stay off of their substance.  I read Russel Brand say that he still has cravings every day even after 10 years of abstinence.  

I shed tears today for the loss of a talented man.  I shed tears for the pain that so many people live in no matter their class, race, status, or brain power.  I cried for how much time gets wasted in pain.  Then I saw a music video that said you only get so many trips around the sun so go where your arrow points you.  I dried my tears, cooked some nice food, and got back to writing.

Think about how you want to be spending your days and get to it.  If you need some coaching, let us know.  If you need an acupuncturist, a therapist, or to find a good yoga class - find one.  We probably have a few recommendations for New York or L.A.  Don't sit on the sidelines of your feelings and let them push you to your edge.

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