Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This is a version of a photo I took in L.A. that I altered while thinking of my friend and artist William Mitchell, after I found out that he hung himself last week.  Yesterday was my birthday and there was a memorial for my other friend Will Gary.  The three events have had me thinking quite a lot about life...

So what is important and something that we can take away to live better?

One thing that came to me was just how precious this moment is.  That is not an excuse to be a hedonist, or take what you want at the expense of someone else.  It might be a call to be kinder to each other and kinder to our bodies.  You only get one, and treating as well as you can means you get to be happier, healthier and enjoy the moments here more.

When you eat a clean balanced whole foods based kind of diet, you get benefits beyond the clear skin, high energy, and slender physique.

You get to have a lighter, happier, more connected to nature, to your intuition, to that knowingness that is beyond explanation.

Eating well is not a fool proof way to eliminate all disease or protect you from getting depressed.  It does seem to be incredibly helpful.  When you are dumbed down by sugar, caffeine, additives and the many forms of glutamates lurking in possessed food - there is no way to fully connect with other humans, or yourself.  A glass of wine to relax can be a restorative, but you need to use fun foods wisely, and create your life around living really well, not just getting by.  Most folks get by.  Most are a little depressed.  Not too many catapult themselves off the side of a building as a farewell... but I think everyone (me included), could do a bit better at living in a way that is so healthy it's thrilling to wake up each morning.  We get by.  We love a few people, notice a few pleasures and trudge on through a lot of moments.

What can you do right now - today - each day - to live in a way that is far more whole, and alive, and vibrant than ever before?

I invite you to play well...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Last Chance For the 3 for 1 session special - yes you can pro-rate a single session if you want to

Just to clarify for those who are asking:

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Okay, you get the idea, the list could go on and on... Learn what you want to learn for your condition, your body type and what you want to create.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your Success - By The Numbers

People like to tell me they have 20, or 30, or 10 pounds to lose.  They like to tell me about grams of sugar on a label or the numbers they found in an article they are shooting for as their ideal.

The best way to your success with food:

Throw out the scale - Laugh at the fat grams -  and stop counting numbers at all.

If you think that sounds like heresy, than consider how well the counting numbers has gotten people thus far.  It is more addiction than advantage.  Before scales, before calories were a known quantity, before diets were fads trying to sell other people on a system to slimness that fueled the dietary problems and ballooned them out of control....before all of that - people ate, exercised as part of their lives, and lived in strong healthy bodies - for the most part.

We can't go back to Paleo times because now our world is polluted, we live in our cars, stay out of the cold and walk on a treadmill.  (Not all of us - I am walking to school in a few minutes...)

The problem with the scale is the number is never good enough.  If you keep staring at what is wrong, bad and missing, then you will continue to live out and and get what is wrong, bad, and missing.  Start living your life and enjoying more than food.  Enjoy food in appropriate amounts for your body, and appropriate items for you to enjoy living inside your body, and and enjoy the people around you, the scenery you get to look at, the tasks you are given - enjoy your life and let your body become a naturally healthy, vibrant and lovely to look at place where you reside.  Stop measuring by numbers and focusing on what doesn't work.

What works is knowing how different food items affect you.  What works is making supportive choices even when you want to play like the hedonists and pretend it doesn't matter. 

Don't buy the numbers game - say bye bye to numbers and hello to healthy choices and start seeing yourself needing smaller garments, having bigger smiles, and a really great life along the way.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Plan For Your Eating Success or Fail Your Physique

This was my quick lunch today with a side of garlic and green onion quinoa.  Fast and easy healthy meals take one thing that I have found most people want to skip - forethought!

If you are frustrated with the time your cooking takes, or that you don't have ingredients to make more than a salad day after day, it is time to start thinking a little bit ahead.  In fact, plan for your eating success like anything else.

Do you wake up and just let each day roll out before you?  I doubt it.  That kind of passivity would drive you crazy.  You plan for things that you think will make you happy.  Maybe you have work, or church, or school, or want to visit someone.  You think about it the night before.  You might think about what you will wear or how you will pick up your kids at their various activities.  If you have kids, I'm sure you think about their future, and make plans in your mind for things that will benefit them.  You get to work and decide what order you will do each task that needs getting done.  You plan in little ways all the time.  You need to be planning your food so that healthy things will end up on your plate - easily.

I usually think of the next days meals before I get ready for sleep, so that I can soak grains, or pick up something I might not have the next day that would make me happy.  I do not usually think the whole week out as some people do, but I do plan to have a couple of meals out a week and what sorts of things I am in the mood for that I might want to get ingredients for.  This week it was crepes and pancakes that held my attention and now I am craving making a sweet and savory curry - maybe red Thai or a Japanese curry with all sorts of vegetables.  I am also contemplating making a pizza with a crust made from chickpea flour.  This helps me when I am shopping for food.  I'll get ingredients that I could use for any of these things.  Then I can see what I want to make when it gets closer to meal time.  If you want to plan further you could make extras of things and freeze for busy times, you could plan your whole week out and shop just for that or find a system that works for you.

Without planning you will find yourself snacking more.  There is nothing fun planned with food so a cookie in the afternoon looks great in the moment.  Or you wait to long to eat since there is nothing prepared and then end up eating twice as much quantity as you really need.  The lack of meal planning is like planning for weight gain and poor choices.  So plan for your success with food instead.

If you would like a coaching session to get you on track with extra tools and know how of how different foods will give you energy, vitality and beauty or zap those things - book a session now.  The special is on until my birthday (Feb. 25th).  It's my gift to you.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Time To Love You - Small Changes = Big Results

It's time to take stand for your heart.
That's right - that old saying "You either stand for something, or you fall for everything."
Stand up for your heart and what you really want.
Do you want to feel better inside your body?
Do you want to feel supported, nourished and well taken care of?
What would it take for you to have this?

Begin now. 

Maybe you need to ask for what you need in a relationship, or maybe you need to start treating yourself better.  Do you need a little more support?  You definitely deserve it.  It's time to start loving you like you want to be loved.  That doesn't mean eating doughnuts or crounuts daily with a side of fries at every lunch.  That does mean to give your body what it needs to feel great, and stop yourself from doing things that might seem fun for a few minutes, but are painful for hours, days, weeks or years later. 

Each day - begin by asking yourself better questions.  What do I need to do for this to be a happier day?  What would make me happy to wear today?  Where am I getting my meals so that they are creating what I want inside my skin?  How do I want to treat myself today? 

Valentine's isn't a once a year day to get romanced - You are your Valentine every hour of every day, and if you are being loving, kind and generous to yourself - then yeah, it will show up on the outside of you too.  Others will reflect how you treat yourself.  It's one of those energy loops.  Begin now to be loving yourself slender or healthier or happier.  Begin now to create a practice that is better than ever for your well being.  Each day - begin. 

If you need support to get the habits flowing - The Session Special at is for you.  Sign up now because it is only available for a few more days.  3 sessions for the price of one.  It takes 3 weeks to change a habit.  Start some new ones Today!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I cried when I heard the news of Phillip Seymour Hoffman

(This photo was taken by a wonderful photographer who wasn't listed where I grabbed if from - all I'm saying, is this is not my work and I'd like to give them credit...)

Success isn't what makes you happy. It really isn't. Success is doing what makes you happy and doing good work and hopefully having a fruitful life. If I've felt like I've done good work, that makes me happy. The success part of it is all gravy. -Phillip Seymour Hoffman

I never met Mr. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, but when someone does do exceptionally good work, it can touch you.  He touched me.  I loved his work and admired it.  He inspired me to always strive to do better.  I love that kind of inspiration. I do keep striving to be better.  I have switched from acting, to now writing, and photography.   Food coaching was my art for many years.  I got good at it.  I now teach other coaches because I am ready to let it go, and just write and take photos.  I have spent a small fortune to go back to school and learn to be a writer the way that an athlete trains to be a pro.  Was it Malcolm Gladwell who said it takes 10,000 hours to be good at something?  I've been putting in my 10,000 hours.  

I have always written, the difference is to learn to write well, and know what makes one piece better than another.  I would like to think that some of our bright, talented talent, would know how to live well - but sometimes when the edge is calling - I'm sure the addiction can pull harder than even the smartest, brightest, and most talented can resist.  

Addictions are real - no matter if they are to sugary treats, a certain potato chip, or a brain numbing chemical.  There has been some work done in the area of using food as a way to manage addiction.  In my experience, a balanced, whole food diet can certainly curb the food addictions.  I've read of it working to calm alcohol addiction.  I have yet to read studies done with substances such as heroine.  It's possible that the calming, clear, strong energy one gets from eating "clean" could definitely help someone stay off of their substance.  I read Russel Brand say that he still has cravings every day even after 10 years of abstinence.  

I shed tears today for the loss of a talented man.  I shed tears for the pain that so many people live in no matter their class, race, status, or brain power.  I cried for how much time gets wasted in pain.  Then I saw a music video that said you only get so many trips around the sun so go where your arrow points you.  I dried my tears, cooked some nice food, and got back to writing.

Think about how you want to be spending your days and get to it.  If you need some coaching, let us know.  If you need an acupuncturist, a therapist, or to find a good yoga class - find one.  We probably have a few recommendations for New York or L.A.  Don't sit on the sidelines of your feelings and let them push you to your edge.