Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When the Weight Won't Budge

Yes - that's a giant iron sculpture.
No - I'm not suggesting it as a weight loss tool.
Is the one way sign kind of funny in the shot?  Does the iron look like it might flatten the people? 
Have you ever felt like no matter what diet or exercise plan you have tried - nothing works?

Body size is not always determined by calories in, calories out like so many doctors and dietitians love to believe. 

Candida or yeast overgrowth in the body will not just make someone look more puffy - they will have a darn difficult time getting their weight to shift.

Thyroid issues, blood sugar issues and many other ailments can also keep someone from shedding the pounds they are working hard to let go of.

Of course if you are perfectly healthy on all tests, you could have a condition that doesn't show up on tests.  I have seen that happen.  The tests are usually set for certain levels that someone decided meant you had a problem.  Ever had the experience of an excruciating bladder infection only to be told by the doctor its all in your head since your test was negative and then finally he caved and gave you the antibiotic that cleared it up in a day when he reviewed your classic symptoms for the 10th time?

Don't think that your New Year's resolution is never going to happen and just toss in the towel...or bowl of fresh fruits.  Take a closer look at what might be holding you back from living the way you want to be. 

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