Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More isn't always better

I was working with a client who told me her supplement wasn't working.  She had read that taking lysine everyday would prevent her from getting cold sores and promptly went out and bought a bottle.  She was getting an upset stomach and still having problems with breakouts.

I asked her to let me know how many milligrams of Lysine were in a single pill.  When she emailed that they were 1000 mg. I told her she could use other methods (eating dulse and keeping the diet balanced, or methods that cleared them up without daily supplementation...) or try 500 mg. in the morning with breakfast and 500mg before she went to sleep.

She told me that the last option was what she went for and has been working ever since.

Sometimes it would seem that the body can utilize less of something better than more.

The same goes for meals.  It is much easier to digest a light meal rather than a feast.  It can be fun to feast now and again, but when you want to think clearly, have energy, and happy moods, then eating foods that fill you up but don't overfill you, giving you ample nutritional density for what you eat, are the way to go.

Juicing can leave you cold, cleanses are only to be done for a short while, and the healthiest option is to enjoy a diet rich in plant foods - forget the names like Mediterranean, Macrobiotic, Slow Food or what have you and just learn how to eat balanced and be able to choose foods that help your particular body achieve that.  Learn to eat for energy, to look your best, and feel great inside your skin.

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