Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Don't Blame Gluten

The one thing that has come out of the gluten free craze that I am happy about, is that for the 1% of the population with actual celiac disease - they have more options.  You might know someone who is genuinely gluten intolerant, but the odds of that being you, are very very small.

Doctors and dietitians are so unfortunately hooked into a system that doesn't want to look at why there are really so many tummy troubles, that they find it is just easier to tell people to avoid gluten.   That doesn't solve your problem.  It might make you feel a bit better for a short amount of time, but then as your real problem grows, avoiding foods with wheat or barley in them isn't going to work anymore.

There are real GMO allergies and if that is the cause, then the simple solution is to only eat organic grains, breads and well everything, so you don't have to constantly be looking into where your food came from.  GMO doesn't have to be labeled yet, so if it is not labeled organic - well then what your eating was probably genetically modified and is no longer normal food.  From your corn flakes and Cheerios's (maybe renamed sorry so long's) to your tomatoes and broccoli, the food you used to think was safe, now has genes of butterflies spliced in, or more commonly, pesticide.  (and we wonder why it is causing allergies - pesticides are meant to kill - right?)

With so many chemicals in our environment, like inhaling paint fumes, car exhaust, or the plastic wrap you just tossed in the bin, to good old stress - you could also find your irregular stomach, skin problems, headaches and fatigue could be stemming from an overgrowth of yeast.

Yeast overgrowth, candida, thrush or yeast infections are incredibly common but for some reason the medical profession doesn't want to look at that.  They treat each symptom until someone decides to test specifically for yeast, or you get so many infections in a row they finally address the yeast issue.  Yeast will keep you from being able to lose extra weight, it will rob you of energy and keep you a little depressed without you even realizing it.  Again, taking gluten out of the diet can temporarily improve your condition, but eventually the yeast will keep growing if you don't address it, because gluten isn't the problem.

Clear up the underlying condition and once again you can enjoy a wider array of delights.   Including that high in protein part of the grain called gluten.

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