Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cleanse or Mend?

January is full of fresh starts.  A new year, a new chance to begin the things you might have put off or the hope of finding a new solution. 

The gyms are full, and cupboards are less so than they were during the holidays.  But drastically purging to kick start something into happening isn't always the best way to go.  With weight, health and having the body you want to live in, why punish yourself? 

I'll admit that I love a good Pilates or yoga class.  (Have you seen how much fun my friend Dirk Shafer makes working out - he'll even do it with you on skype if you live far from L.A.) It might feel brutal for a few minutes, but then it feels great for a lot longer afterwards.  Cleanses can be a bit like that.  I've done 5 day super cleaning herbal cleanses that are very difficult.  ( has great all organic cleanses.) I hated doing them.  I don't doubt I drank as much liquid as I should have.  I definitely got tired of juicing things all day long - and cleaning the juicer. 

What has been better, sweeter and with much more far reaching, lasting results is simply doing the day to day eating well.  Eating just a tad lighter instead of drastically so.  Eating supportive foods and eliminating the non-supporting ones. (With exceptions of course.  I'm no saint.) 

The biggest secret to a better body?  The biggest secret to your most fantastic success, relationships, and how you feel?  The biggest secret is letting go of the emotional blockages.  This has been some of the most rewarding work to do as both client and coach.  I get to watch people break through what has held them back for years and find once they mend one seemingly small spot in the emotional body.  The physical body is - yeah - a piece of cake...

Grab a session (or three since there is a special going on right now) and get started having every area in your life get mended and begin flourishing.  Step in and begin now.

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