Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Save Yourself from Snack Attacks

With extra holiday food around - do you find yourself snacking more?  Are the voices in your head making up stories like:

You deserve it.
It's healthy so why not?
If you are hungry you should eat.
This will fill me up so I will eat less of the bad stuff.
I have so much to do, I need the extra fuel.
This one little _________ doesn't matter....

There are countless excuses to eat extra bites that can lead to eating a little more each day until that is your new habit.  If you want to gain weight then this might be a habit to begin.   For those who are very underweight and can't eat much at one meal, then snacking can really help you to maintain a normal size.

Most people have the problem of feeling the least bit hungry and looking for something to snack on.  That might work for you if you live in the jungle and are continually hunting for food.  The amount of walking, running, climbing and other exercise you would be getting in that lifestyle would make it advantageous to snack.  In the modern world, most snacking is indulgent and not a necessity.

Keeping your digestive system working all of the time can make you tired and then guess what - yeah, you'll want to snack even more.  A nice experiment to take on is to drink something, (often we think we are hungry when we are actually thirsty - call it a signal mix up - it happens.)

To avoid extra snacks and keep looking and feeling your best:

Get plenty of sleep
Drink healthy teas, water, functional beverages instead of snacking
Be sure to get enough protein in your meals (That tempeh featured above will keep you satisfied for quite a while.)
Chew your food well at every meal (aids digestion, helps you get the most from your food so you will feel less hungry.)
Enjoy your day (snackers often rely on treats to give them a happy moment.  Find other ways to be happy and rely on food less.)

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