Monday, December 2, 2013

Has the Party Food Started Giving You The Blues?

If you are wondering if this was my party - it wasn't.  I didn't nibble or nosh or slosh at this one, but I did enjoy myself and get to connect with old friends.

For all of my clients who know what I mean when I say alkalize - that's the secret to letting go of the tiredness you might experience from indulging.

That's why the kudzu tea recipe works so wonderously to erase a hangover or even the after party blues.  (click for the recipe here...)  Kuzu and umeboshi are strong alkalizing elements and organic tamari or shoyu are pretty good too.  The ginger acts like a booster to make it get into the system faster and helps with digestion.  Digestion is the root of your health.  Literally.  You have little tiny villa lining the intestines and their health affects yours.

Just because Kale is green, full of beautiful chlorophyll, does not mean that it's alkalizing power is strong enough to balance out a beer -  or a banana.  Kudzu is a good remedy just as some homeopathics, herbal mixtures or over the counter things you could buy in a box - but no remedy is a substitute for consistent good eating.  You can't nosh on the doughnuts and bagels at eight and just drink down some alkalizers at nine and think you'll feel super duper.  You'll probably still be in a stuper.  

Since the intestines rule - you also can get a bit moody the more unbalanced you become.  Get some exercise, hydrate and eat well.  The eating part means - nice whole grains, beans, small amounts of animal foods (if you eat them), lots of veggies including greens and sea veggies.  It can be simple, gourmet and quite energizing.

If you have been wanting to take advantage of the November special to boost yourself out of a rut, refocus or let go of those old negative tapes that are dragging you down - grab a session while the button is there.  It will get taken down soon... Go now to!  

Shine brightly - you've got one month until New Years so ring it out HAPPY!

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