Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tips to Look Great and Feel Even Better This Holiday Season

Ever Feel like the wind isn't catching your sails?  Maybe the road between Halloween and Thanksgiving is paved with choppy seas and feelings that you have to shape up, get lean, and start looking like you take care of yourself all year before you see friends and family?

In the past two days I've had conversations with three people who all are already feeling blue about the looming season of good cheer.  All three were saying they needed to diet.  Arggghhh.

Of course I'm telling them the magic of daikon, the big benefits of burdock and how to structure their meals so that they can have maximum enjoyment while they whittle the middle. (or other parts...)

This is why I'm offering a special this November for anyone who wants to do a little work,  have a safe place to vent, get over the old, ring in the new, and enjoy upcoming events more than ever before.  (Sign up for your session here so you don't miss out on the few times slots available:

The conversation I was having last night was with a man who just needed to expand his ideas around food.  There were so many new foods for him to try.  Millet, quinoa, aduki beans, kale, collards, dulse flax, are just the beginning.  He said he likes comfort foods.   Knowing that he could cook up millet with cauliflower and whip it up quickly into something far better for him, but just as comforting, as mashed potatoes got this football fan excited.  It was great to see how easily he could understand that when you start eating more of the supportive veggies and grains, you can eat plenty of food, feel satiated, and still slim down without ever feeling like your on a diet.  Flax oil can be buttery goodness to add instead of needing butter.  That he could keep his meat and find out how sweet honey and cinnamon was instead of his usual sugar in things.  (remember cinnamon helps to keep the blood sugar more stable and aids digestion....)

I even interested him in some homemade ginger ale that he thought was terrific.  Much easier on the body than beer.

Get your personalized recipes for what you need now and for the entire 2014.  This is really a gift to yourself that lasts forever.  Go now to and grab a session or two before they are all filled up! 

Welcome to the happy rest of your life.

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