Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Biggest Health and Weight Loss Secret
How do you get yourself to have the body of your dreams?  The one you feel fantastic in?  The one that is sexy and healthy inside and out?

There are lots of secrets to get you there.

The biggest one - quantity.

Getting the right amount for your body is a process. I personally started out my whole grain based diet many years ago eating 1/2 pot of grain and I still lost weight.  Switching what I was eating gave my body a terrific boost but I was still overeating.

How did I know I was overeating?  I liked getting to full.  That was really overfull.  I would eat right past the sigh (clients you know what I'm talking about...) and keep enjoying the flavors and tastes until I was a little more than full.  Sometimes way more.  I figured it was all good stuff so why worry.

Well the the more I read, research and find out - the more the one things stands out for health, weight, even clarity of mind, more than any other tool is eat lightly.  I've seen it in my own family.  My parents eat the standard anything goes kind of diet.  They eat all of the things I say to let go of.  They are fit and pretty healthy and not aging like their parents did because they generally eat fairly light.

It took me a long time and a lot of self coaching before I was willing to get to the right amounts.  I stayed eating 1/3 of a pot of grain at each meal for years.  (so 1/3 Cup of uncooked grain that fluffs up in a cup of water when cooked for example.)  Then I started to experiment with having one meal where I cut it to 1/4 instead.  That felt better.  I didn't feel deprived like I would have if I had jumped from 1/2 to 1/4.  If you are a male reading this and this sounds far too tiny - check out your fist.  Your stomach is about that size and the food should only fit in there.  Your fist is probably almost twice the size of mine so double up.

Everyone will have a different experience to find the right amounts for them.  One person might like to have more at one meal than another.  Some people want to break it down to three meals and two snacks.  The key is to experiment and be willing to let go of quantity.  Allow yourself to find the happy comfortable feeling of lightness.  That isn't hungry - it's lightness.  There is a difference.

Studies show that eating light slows aging and increases health.  It does wonders for the waistline.  (mostly, if you are eating extremely light and have a large body, there are other things going on....)

The best way to experiment with this is to play around and allow yourself enough time to enjoy just a little less that there are no big leaps, just light, playful, experiments.  I can say I've never felt better inside my own skin.

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