Friday, October 25, 2013

Oil Pulling - Why You Ought to Give this Ancient Secret a Whirl

I'd never even heard of oil pulling until a couple of months ago.  This Ayurvedic practice is very simple.  First thing in the morning just swish a tablespoon or so of organic oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes and then spit it out and rinse your mouth.

The first thing most people notice after a few weeks of doing this - whiter teeth.  Literally the stains vanish and there is little to no plaque to brush off.

There are many health claims from practitioners who say their skin cleared up, they had more energy, long standing ailments disappeared, etc.  One blogger said that those kinds of benefits didn't show up for her until she had been doing the oil swishing for more than three months.  I believe that.  I've been doing it now every day for about six weeks and while my teeth have been extra clean from the first week - I'm just now feeling that my immunity is stronger than it has been.

At first I used the coconut oil, but then read so much about sesame oil I tried that.  The sesame oil is easier for me since the coconut is solid, and more difficult to judge how much to use to swish with.  I think both are good, but I'm favoring the sesame for now and feel the benefits.

For a very little investment you can see the results for yourself.  It is subtle though.  Your teeth won't be fluorescent as if you used the commercial whitening products and the benefits will kind of creep up on you rather than be flashy.  Have some patience and perhaps keep a little journal to see your progress.

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