Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don't Be Scared - You Can Lose the Weight and Gain The Know-How to Conquer Ailments, Give Pounds the Slip and Have the Healthiest Holidays Ever.

Seriously long blog title I know.  It is true. 

Now is the perfect time to grab a session and arm yourself against the cold, learn to take control of your health, your weight and your life - right now.  The Holidays are here and in a few short weeks you'll be privy to more drinks, sweets, treats, snacks and extra meals out, galore. 

Forget the old strategies like gaining the weight, or suffering with that runny nose until January, when you will cleanse, reboot and go on a "diet." 
Remember the:
You can learn the tricks to have your treats and still beat the pounds down.
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I've seen absolute miracles in bodies and bank accounts from phone coaching sessions with clients all over the world.  One woman from Australia cleared up her skin problem in one session, did three more to work on her money issues.  After the third session she got an unexpected check that was more than five times the cost of what she had paid to work with me.

Another woman had never been able to lose the weight she wanted to until we did four sessions in four weeks and she finally had the tools.  Now she says she isn't afraid of Holidays or birthdays, she just enjoys everyday, and fits into the smallest size she's ever been since junior high.

What are you waiting for?  Grab a session or two with the special November price!  There are limited slots available so it's first come first served.  Give yourself a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Oil Pulling - Why You Ought to Give this Ancient Secret a Whirl

I'd never even heard of oil pulling until a couple of months ago.  This Ayurvedic practice is very simple.  First thing in the morning just swish a tablespoon or so of organic oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes and then spit it out and rinse your mouth.

The first thing most people notice after a few weeks of doing this - whiter teeth.  Literally the stains vanish and there is little to no plaque to brush off.

There are many health claims from practitioners who say their skin cleared up, they had more energy, long standing ailments disappeared, etc.  One blogger said that those kinds of benefits didn't show up for her until she had been doing the oil swishing for more than three months.  I believe that.  I've been doing it now every day for about six weeks and while my teeth have been extra clean from the first week - I'm just now feeling that my immunity is stronger than it has been.

At first I used the coconut oil, but then read so much about sesame oil I tried that.  The sesame oil is easier for me since the coconut is solid, and more difficult to judge how much to use to swish with.  I think both are good, but I'm favoring the sesame for now and feel the benefits.

For a very little investment you can see the results for yourself.  It is subtle though.  Your teeth won't be fluorescent as if you used the commercial whitening products and the benefits will kind of creep up on you rather than be flashy.  Have some patience and perhaps keep a little journal to see your progress.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just a little fYI - I do like

I have more confidence in ordering from now after a long conversation with Pure Essence Labs. (hey use this link for $10 off

I recently bought some product off Amazon that was probably expired or mishandled to render the product useless. I found out that there are some places you just shouldn't order vitamins or supplements from. Vitacost is one of the good ones and the products are stored well and always fresh. Plus they are terrific about replacements if anything happens. Things come practically overnight. 
 I like the savings and having it delivered to your door with free shipping is always great too...
Amazon was wonderful and offered a full refund.  They have lots of vendors that are terrific and only a few that are probably ones we've read about that could be selling old products or keep everything too hot or too cold.  I definitely love them for books, on demand video and other products.
Give Vitacost a try and use to get $10 off your first order.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Slender Side - Simple (gluten free, macrobiotic, vegan, vegetarian, recipe)

It doesn't get much faster than to simply shred, mix and serve.  This refreshing side salad is a breeze to make and with fat dissolving daikon, intestinal cooling mint, and alkalizing lime - you'll probably be feeling your tummy flatten and showing your slender side from the first bite.  (A little exaggeration but your mind is powerful ya know...)

Simple Slender Side - Daikon and Mint slaw

Feel free to make your own variations and amounts.

Shredded daikon radish (the larger ones are usually sweeter)
Shredded green apple
chopped mint
sea salt
olive oil
lime juice

Depending on how much you have shredded, sprinkle in a pinch of sea salt or two and mix well.  (use your hands) drizzle in a little olive oil and lime to your taste.  (I like to be generous)

Try other veggies like butternut squash or crookneck squash.  Try other herbs or spices that you enjoy or cut up some toasted nori and add it in or wrap your salad in nori.  See what fun creations you can come up with.