Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's Play a Game

Love Your Body Love Your Life is a web address I was given by a friend who thought that should be the title of my book.  Who knows one day, it might be... Currently I'm working on other things and this morning I clicked on an email that caught my attention.

It said one staple food 5 ways.  Well I'm always interested in getting inspired with new ideas.  So I watched:

Now maybe you have watched too.

Do you see what is wrong in these dishes?

They are pretty on the plate.
They look pretty easy.
They look tasty.
So what could be wrong?

There isn't enough quality vegetables on those plates.  They are plates of heavy protein and carb mostly.  There are even dishes with both beans and chicken and very little vegetables.  Vegetables ought to be king on the plate and meat very small.  (And yeah, it depends on if you are male, female, what size you are or want to be, etc. to determine your perfect amounts...) 

To live inside a body you love and feel your best - you need more vegetables than these meals make out.  Restaurants want to charge a lot so they offer plates that look like these or double.  Meat is a pricey item compared to broccoli.  It can also be pricey in terms of your health and your looks.  You can age faster if you over do it.  Lighten up on the heavy proteins and expand your vegetables to shrink your fat bits and pump up your looks. 

Isn't that a better recipe?

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