Friday, September 27, 2013

When Eating In is Better than Out - Fast and Easy Healthy Recipe - vegan, macrobiotic, vegetarian, flexitarian, tempeh

I love having a fun new experience, and when that experience and when that includes something delicious,  it's twice as fun.  The problem with eating out is often it can be disappointing.  Especially for those with food restrictions. 

Eating at home is not just cheaper, you control what goes into the food so it's usually far better for you than what you will find in even the so called "healthy" establishments.  They cut corners, get deals, or just won't care about health like you do.

One thing restaurants and menus can be is inspiring.

Today I was looking at where I could go for lunch.  A raw restaurant caught my attention but the raw cuisine never agrees with me.  I did get inspired to use what I had in my fridge to make something I really wanted to try.  It worked wonderfully well - so here's the inspiration for the day.  If you don't want to use Tempeh for your salad - use what ever protein source makes you happy.  (For me Barry's Tempeh is worth the extra cost. Try it and you'll see the difference.)

Simple Healthy Vegan SayYeser Salad

Roast the tempeh in a little coconut oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.  (I use a coconut oil from Jarrow that has no taste or smell - Thank you Jarrow!)

Combine your salad ingredients in a bowl.  Here I've used:
Romaine Lettuce
Roasted Tempeh
Nori (optional - I added it later)

For the dressing combine Veganaise from Follow Your Heart with lemon juice.  You could add a small amount of honey if you wish but I liked the tangy creamy taste and texture of the combination by itself. 

It took about ten minutes to prepare and the entire meal, including a side of Jobs tears barley and tea was about $5.  If I had ordered it out it would have taken at least 1/2 hour to get to the restaurant not to mention time to order and wait and I would have spent around $15-$20 before tip and most likely not had all fresh organic ingredients with no additives or GMO's that potentially could make me feel bad and cost more in over the counter pills. 

Now I do love eating out too - and make it a point of exploring restaurant fare at least once a week to give myself a break from cooking - but since so many folks I meet stumble with how to make food fast, simple and enjoyable - here's an example.  Try something and see how it works out.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Single Gourmet made Simple - macrobiotic, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, recipe

 Ikea always has surprises.  Recently I went for a new pillow and the fun ferry ride over there (From Wall street to Red Hook - try it on the weekend when it's free...)  What I did discover?  A set of mini pyrex dishes perfect for my toaster oven.

Currently where I'm staying there is no oven so my tiny toaster is it. The toaster oven baking accessories didn't fit in the model I purchased but Ikea's pyrex did!

So for my first in a series of Fast and Easy gourmet items - I looked in my fridge.  A half of a stalk of broccoli, one onion and a very small zucchini were all I had to work with.  Voila - fritatta or mini quiche or something like that.  Being lazy today, I decided to forgo making a crust so call it a crustless quiche or a baked fritatta.

I don't use dairy so I had some soy milk.  If you use an egg then 2 Tablespoons of the milk whisked with your egg are all you need, if you use flax seed that you are grinding up in a blender as an egg then use a tad more milk and if you want to use tofu with a little white miso in it then you don't need milk.  Just blend.  Choose your egg/milk combo, then saute and season your vegetables to your liking.  For me it was just salt and pepper.  (high quality sea salt of course.  Nothing that comes out of shaker...) Mix the two together.
Pour into your oiled baking dish,
and bake for 30-40 minutes on 375 depending on your oven.  (Mine does seem to be on the cool side. Experiment with temperatures and cooking times just keep an eye on it to get a golden brown doneness.  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's Play a Game

Love Your Body Love Your Life is a web address I was given by a friend who thought that should be the title of my book.  Who knows one day, it might be... Currently I'm working on other things and this morning I clicked on an email that caught my attention.

It said one staple food 5 ways.  Well I'm always interested in getting inspired with new ideas.  So I watched:

Now maybe you have watched too.

Do you see what is wrong in these dishes?

They are pretty on the plate.
They look pretty easy.
They look tasty.
So what could be wrong?

There isn't enough quality vegetables on those plates.  They are plates of heavy protein and carb mostly.  There are even dishes with both beans and chicken and very little vegetables.  Vegetables ought to be king on the plate and meat very small.  (And yeah, it depends on if you are male, female, what size you are or want to be, etc. to determine your perfect amounts...) 

To live inside a body you love and feel your best - you need more vegetables than these meals make out.  Restaurants want to charge a lot so they offer plates that look like these or double.  Meat is a pricey item compared to broccoli.  It can also be pricey in terms of your health and your looks.  You can age faster if you over do it.  Lighten up on the heavy proteins and expand your vegetables to shrink your fat bits and pump up your looks. 

Isn't that a better recipe?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Salad Wraps make Fast Fun Lunch's - gluten free, macrobiotic, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, recipes

Nori wrapped rolls, triangles or balls are portable foodstuffs from Japan, Crepes from France, Dosa's from India, probably every country has some form of wrap and go kind of thing they could take on the road.  We like to keep moving.

So why not wrap up your salad ideas in a sheet of Nori if you want to let go of the bread for the meal.  I've been having fun with this and enjoying new flavors.  You can spread a little vegan mayo or other condiments on the nori or on top of the filling before you roll it up. 

It's a great way to use leftovers too.

Try some grilled vegetables with sunflower seeds or nutbutter and lettuce for a vegan treat, or for a heartier filling - sliced meats like the picture above.  I paired the turkey wrap with some steamed celery root for a very satisfying meal.

Play, experiment and send in photos of your own creations.