Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weight Loss Forever - Get it This Semester!

"You never had a weight problem, did you," I hear often from those who look at me and lament about their own body.
"Of course I did," I might say.  I spent years upset about weight.  I tried diets, pills, fasts, programs and all sorts of things, until I discovered how food worked, got good with it, and never had to look back - except to feel ammmmazing about what I get to live with.  I now love my long limbs with all their slenderness, and the soft curves that give me a nice womanly shape.

Truth be told - I used to have a picture of a Victoria Secret model on the cover of my journal with the head cut off and imagine it was me.  Then it was me, and I never had to look back or worry about weight again.

As we head into the school year, I remember buying clothes to cover up in.  Then I remember that now I've lived without worry of size, or fat, for so many years I've lost count.

Do you want the recipe for living in your perfect body forever?
It's simple whole food living with lots of fun, variety, and know how.

The know how part is key.  If you want to really feel great and look great, there usually needs to be a reduction in inflammation.  So not all vegetables will be equal.  Tomato's for example might be a lovely vegetable full of lycopene and vitamin C but they are also very acid forming and that will cause inflammation and that can create puffy fatty bodies.  While not as much as pastries, breakfast cereals or muffins, everything adds up.  Everything counts.

I've learned to love a way of eating where I have less strong acid forming foods and more alkalizing elements to create health, energy and a body I feel happy inside of.

Then there is also the shedding of things like yeast and fungus.  No matter how "perfect" your diet is, if you have parasitic things like fungus living inside of you, there will be a struggle to slim down.  Sometimes even without a big dietary shift, a person will lose a significant amount of fat and puffiness when they eliminate yeast.  (Hey I wouldn't know this if I didn't have both personal, and professional experience to see it first hand.)

There is no shame in clearing up stuff.  In fact it says you've lived.  Opening up to a larger life where there is more fun than doughnuts on a Sunday morning, and no need for coffee anymore because you wake up with tons of energy, is true macro living!  Try it on for your perfect size.

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