Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pleasure - Fun - Energy - You Can Have It All From Your Food.

I wish I had a photo of the banana blueberry cake I shared with a friend the other night, but here are some blueberries I picked up in New Hampshire visiting my folks last week.
Both were a treat.  I had some of the blueberries each morning, and the cake, I savored, enjoyed and was satisfied.  I don't need a fancy dessert every day.  (but I sure used to....)

Then on Facebook today, I was asking why I've sold so many Candida Clearing Cookbooks( in the last two weeks, and saw a post of a friend.  She was joking about all of the weight she'd gained on her vacation.

 When having fun, we post signs like this to ensure safety but somehow forget basic body rules in the name of a good time.  Cakes, cookies, pies and muffins are fun, smoothies are fun.  Summery slushy, fizzy, and fruity drinks are fun, and all can contribute to being more tired, and a size wider. 

I choose my treats by checking in on how I am feeling.  Where am I in my cycle?  Would a treat be nice to help me relax or is it just going to make me tired for the next three days when I would rather be full of energy?  The same goes for how much quantity I consume.  I am capable of eating large portions of food.  In the beginning of switching my diet to more whole grains instead of breads, more veggies then I'd every known, adding beans in and eating less meat and no dairy, I was amazed at the quantity of food I could eat and still keep losing fat.  I shrank in size, started glowing with clear skin, but there were little nagging things that kept happening - until I started limiting my quantity.

It is fun to try new foods, have experiences and enjoy the pleasure of taste.  Just remember a little key to a greater (macro) life is limitations have their rewards.

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