Friday, August 16, 2013

Burner Notes - Healthy Foods are Easy!

If your burner could talk - would it ask you why it rarely gets used?
Cooking can be fun, a creative quick project, or as simple as making toast.
Yesterday I cooked up two types of grain.  Millet in the morning, and Jobs Tears barley in the evening.  I made enough of each (2 cups before cooking) to last for days.

This morning I took out one pot, heated water for tea and then put some millet into the small amount of liquid left after I'd poured most into my mug.  Heated up the millet in one minute and put into a bowl to add a few condiments.  There are only two dishes to clean up, and this is just as quick as cereal from a box, only five times as good for you.

You get something soothing, nourishing and assimilating.  You get high fiber as well as protein and vitamins.  Plus what ever you add on top.  Cinnamon, honey, pumpkin seeds, almonds, or fruits.  Some people like to add leftovers from the day before or even a scramble of any sort. (beans, tofu, eggs all work...)

Get creative.  Love your burner.

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