Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Today I went on a little walking tour of Asheville, NC where I am staying.  It's a free daily tour you can catch from the Vance Memorial.
I realize now I should have take a lovely picture of my lunch with Victoria, the only other person on the tour.  (sorry, I was too hungry...)  Ironically, guess what Victoria does for a living.... yes, she is a nutrition specialist with several degrees in nutrition and twenty years of experience.  The wonderfully validating thing was that we agreed on everything, and she knew twice as many studies to back things up.  She is vehemently opposed to GMO and just as I have been saying I suspected, she is positive it is the reason so many people are now being diagnosed as gluten intolerant.  We were eating Utapams at Chai Pani restaurant so no GMO's or gluten there... Asheville has many organic places to eat. 

Remember that when you eat in restaurants, unless it says organic or GMO free, you are most likely eating GMO's if you have any wheat, corn or soy products in your food and if it's conventional then you get to eat pesticides too.   What you eat is such a basic connection to your health.  Victoria was a vast knowledge bank of studies and how all of the great results my clients have experienced are getting well documented.  It's time to make sure you eat clean and feel great.  Keep having a healthy summer.

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