Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Instant Healing with Ume - oh yeah it is gluten free, macrobiotic, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, sugar free - remember this is a free to eat blog...

Step off the airport in Japan and wander around the cute town of Narita and you will see many people selling Umeboshi.  I'm told the best umeboshi are made by grandma's, and I can tell you that if you find a source (probably out of San Francisco if you are in the states...) of a family seller - you are in luck.  Any umeboshi that is naturally made - meaning no artificial additives - is something to have on your shelf or tucked into your suitcase.

The pickled plums do not need to be in the fridge, and are one of the most medicinal tools you can have on hand.

Why?  They are highly alkalizing, antibacterial, and magically great for the stomach and intestines too.  Remember your digestion is really the seat of your health.  I've read that in ancient Japan they ate one a day in the same way we eat vitamins - to stay strong, healthy and feeling great.

I like to have them with me when traveling because who doesn't want to taste new foods and flavors or overindulge a little?  Ume have saved me many times... fatigue clearing to tummy upsets.

Recently it's been raining a lot on the east coast.  Today in NC its pouring.  Strong rain like I have not seen since I was in Bali.  I've also had several clients contact me about their arthritis acting up.  On further questioning their link to joint pain when it gets damp could definitely be Candida related, and both of those conditions respond quite well to alkalizing the diet and eliminating trigger foods.  (Remember for arthritis even an MD is going to say stay clear of nightshades...)

I've seen that arthritis can completely be erased through diet - with Candida you are going to need supplements to get yourself clear.  Umeboshi is not a supplement in the way I'm talking about but it is a powerful and handy item to have on hand that can help for a wide variety of complaints.  I got this jar at the local health food store, you can find it online and in Asian markets.

Try rubbing it on an ear of sweet corn instead of butter and not only will you improve your digestion but you might find it makes a wonderful treat...

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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