Friday, July 12, 2013

Do you use Zinc Oxide for blemishes, bug bites and beauty?

I've read that Sandra Bullock uses "baby butt cream" on her face, which I would say could be a good idea if she's talking about one loaded with zinc oxide.

If you are deficient in zinc you would most likely experience slower wound healing, but topically zinc is widely known for its UV protection and also how well it can clear blemishes, soothe bug bites and speed up skin healing.

So I have a question for all of you who have tried natures super powerful zinc.  What product do you like, and what strength works for you?  I find that a 7% cream from Duane Reade (sold as sunscreen) works just as well or even better than the 45% super strength Desitin.  (Not to mention the first one doesn't smell... who thinks that sickening fragrance is good idea??)

Please let me know.  Leave a comment below. (I know many of you love to email me when I write a post that strikes you but please - do the comment thing....) Thanks!

If I get enough comments I will pick one at random for a free book.  (You will get to choose from


Anonymous said...

Did not know it was also good for blemishes and bug bites. I ususally buy whatever brand I can find at CVS in the sunscreen dept. It takes a lot of searching but it usually has the word "gator" in its name. -Jolie

Susan Marque said...

Thanks Jolie! I just found that Badger Balm has a 10% one for diaper rash that has such a nice simple ingredient list, I might have to search out where to buy it. (Whole Foods maybe?)