Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Slenderizing Ice Cream

This is a picture of some homemade frozen yogurt actually.  I'm not saying that in particular is going to make you skinny, but it might make you happy... It was pretty good.

What will help you to stay slender, or get you there if your feeling there might too much of you pouring out of your bikini just now, is letting go of that scarcity thinking.  I almost always have some sort of ice cream (Usually it's the Coconut Bliss ones...when is that strawberry coming out in pints oh Coconut Bliss Gods????) in my freezer.  Often I have some cookies I've made, or at least the batter in the freezer, so I could have a cookie in just a few minutes.  To an old fashioned dieter, this sounds like a set up for a problem.  It's not.  It's the opposite. 

When your brain feels there is lack in food available, it tends to want you to eat more and store up.  I have had psychology people tell me there are names for that.   I knew one doctor who had every client buy enormous amounts of their personal trigger food.  It had to be some specific food that if you had it in the house, you would eat the whole bag.  You get to go and bring home so much abundance of that food, a funny thing happens.  Almost everyone would eat a bag or something and her rules were that when that happened you had to replace it immediately.

As soon as the replacement bag came into the home, the need to eat that food just went away.  It worked every time.   It was quite amazing to watch.  It's a scary thing to try.  If you are feeling fairly okay with food but might find yourself avoided something like ice cream.  Try having some around all the time instead of avoiding it.  Knowing that you can have it to enjoy at any time keeps that part of your brain calm, and then it is easy to enjoy a normal amount.  Then go on with your life and feel good that your looking better than ever, enjoying your cake, and ice cream too!

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