Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eat Clean - What Does That Mean - Discussion Continues

What is eating clean? Someone asked me the other day if "clean" eating included beer and wine.  "Sure." I said.  Really you can eat anything you like but if you want to feel clean, vibrant and full of life, then you have to consider what each thing you consume does for you.

Alcohol can certainly be part of a healthy lifestyle in moderation, and taking into account it's acid forming nature.  Unbalanced could mean too much, or just tipping your personal acid meter in the wrong direction where you'll be tired, cranky, prone to sickness, or in pain in some form unique to you.

Do you want to live in pain?  Even if yours is mostly moods and mind fog?  That is up to you.

Clean, refers to consuming the least amount of chemicals, additives and items that are just not supportive.  A glass of beer might be supportive to unwind, quench your thirst and be on the side of a plate of organic wholesome foods.  Personally, I choose dessert over alcohol. (As many of you know.) Some people have more leeway and their bodies balance the more extreme foods better than I do.  Most of us need to watch how we create balance.  It's too easy to tip into the pain realm by playing with too many fun foods all at once.  Being sick for a week because of one cocktail or brownie is no fun.  Something I've experimented with far too often.

Clean also isn't just tossing in a strong alkaline forming item for every acid forming one.  You can't balance the beer or cookie by eating an Umeboshi plum afterwards.  A side of kale doesn't cancel the wine.  If it worked like that there would be far less fatigue going around. 

There is actually a Clean Eating magazine that does a pretty good job of showcasing organic whole grains, vegetables, beans, sea vegetables, fruits, and small amounts of meats and fish.  I sometimes buy it along with TinHouse magazine for inspiration.

The key is always finding your personal balance.  Know your limits or what you are willing to put up with.  Keep the ingredients for Kudzu tea handy for days when you wake up knowing you went overboard the night before.

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