Thursday, May 16, 2013

True Hunger Games - Winning With Your Health and Weight

Imagine yourself foraging a strange kitchen for food. 
What are you hungry for? 
What are you hoping to find, or hoping you won't find?
What is inside the fantasy kitchen of your mind?

I had a client the other week, who told me she couldn't control her hunger.  She thinks she has no will power.  She does have a little low blood sugar.  Nothing to be concerned about but probably effects her cravings.  We talked about that.  Then we talked about the different sorts of hunger.

Real physical hunger
Phantom hunger
Parasitical hunger
Thirst confused as hunger
Procrastination hunger
Frustration hunger

You might have more on your list....

In our conversation about each one, she realized she rarely felt true physical hunger.  In fact we did some experiments where she waited to eat until she finally understood what that felt like.  It was a revelation for her.  She now understood that it was pleasant and not something to avoid.  The hunger meant her body was ready for some delicious fuel. 

She had avoided being hunger for fears of not having enough.  There were ideas that she made up when she was little.  Her big brother ate faster and more than she did and if she didn't jump in, whatever there was would get eaten up.  She also vaguely knew when she was interpreting frustration or escaping tasks she didn't want to do with a "I'll just eat a snack first," type of thinking.  She just didn't want to admit that it wasn't real hunger, or that the snack wasn't as supportive as she was making it out to be.  I have had similar clients in the past, but this time it seemed so easy to help this woman make the switch.  For her, the realizations were enough.  She is having fun recognizing what is true and letting go of the old behavior.  It's a game, I frequently say.  It's all a game.  How do you want to play?

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