Thursday, May 23, 2013

Change Your Mind - Change Your Weight

When you look at this image of a salad that I was eating, what comes to your mind?  Do you focus on the ingredients to see what I made?  Do you notice the wooden fork, the way the carrots are peeking out, or wonder just how much avocado could be hidden that we don't see? (A lot, it somehow got buried beneath the greens.)  Can you even allow yourself to notice what you notice?

Often - I'll say people to include everyone, but it does seem an especially women oriented epidemic, will focus on the part of their bodies they don't like.  They'll keep telling themselves they need to lose weight in a specific area.  Thighs, belly, upper arms, etc. get the brunt of their attention.  Some make themselves depressed over those areas, keep watching to make sure the ugly fatty bits still need to be covered up and hidden, and then eat to soothe and pacify the emotional part that feels so blasted unfairly distant from the beautiful bodies they see all the time on TV and in magazines, or even just down the street.

Covering, hiding, feeling badly and carrying on, do nothing for your beautiful body.  All shapes and sizes truly are beautiful, but if you are wishing yours was different and you just can't get to as much exercise as you know would make you feel better or perhaps you have read these blogs, heard me say cut down just a little at a time, and just can not seem to make yourself do that - what's going on?

What are you telling yourself and how is it that you keep your resistance going, instead of doing something different?

Notice your resistance.  Notice when you absolutely know the choice you are making to eat the entire dessert, or even bowl of rice that is more than what you really need to feel light, satiated and fully alive.  Notice and push yourself to begin practicing something else.  Practice eating lighter.  Practice letting go of a dessert.  Allow yourself to start experimenting and feeling good about your choices and notice when you backslide and have to begin again.  Let go of good/bad, right/wrong and allow yourself to learn to crawl, then walk, then run.

You do have the power to create your life and body to be what you want it to be.  Let yourself do that and see what unfolds.  It's time you had a body you liked, and a larger quality of life.

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