Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunshine in a Bottle - Drink this and feel great!

Seriously, this turmeric elixir ought to be called sunshine in a bottle.  I get happy from drinking it.

I discovered it at whole foods and loved the ingredient list.
sweetener (you could do agave, honey or even stevia)
Sea salt

The only thing I don't like is the price point.  It's too high even for a "functional beverage."  Seriously - Lemonade sweetened with stevia, honey or agave is also a functional beverage but it doesn't cost $6 for a tiny bottle.

So then I thought - sheesh - sure you could buy lemonade premade, or make yourself at home.  Squeeze a few lemons and test to get the sweetness - right.  So I went to the bulk section of my health food store and purchased just a small amount of dry turmeric, ginger, cardamom, cayenne and cinnamon, some fresh lemons and mint and went home to see if I could replicate the drink well enough.  First try - not bad.  Second try - better.  Both were good, and I made sure to use only a very tiny amount of the herbs to a good dose of lemon, turmeric and sweetener.

What's powerful about this is the anti-inflammatory effect.  It clears the mind, gives you a lift and probably flattens your tummy all at once. 

Inflammation is a huge problem and one of the reasons a more alkalized diet can work to clear many ailments and help you shed excess weight.  Try this fun drink either purchase the premade one from or make your own.  I'm sure they use fresh organic herbs juiced but the dry ones are okay too.

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